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5 video games to try now on Apple Arcade

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Month after month, the Apple Arcade catalog continues to grow with games of all kinds, characterized by the total absence of microtransactions and other monetization methods which are normally part of mobile securities and represent their main method of livelihood.

Here are 5 games that you may have missed and that have recently become part of the Apple Arcade catalog. Obviously looking forward to trying Disney Melee Mania.


Elden Ring, the video game born in the shadow of “Game of Thrones”

by Icilio Bellanima

Nba 2K 22 Arcade
A fairly faithful transposition of the console game, which shows particularly spectacular graphics on the iPhone 13. If you want, you can play a single game, an entire championship as a player or manager and even challenge friends or complete strangers online. Obviously it is possible to play using the touch controls, but the maximum result can be obtained by connecting a controller to the device. A true demonstration of the power of mobile gaming.

Thumper Pocket Edition
Thumper is what would normally be called a Rythm Game, or one of those games where it is important to follow the rhythm of the music by pressing the right buttons, but it also belongs to the Endless Run genre, where you have to advance while dodging obstacles with adequate timing. The mixture of these two souls gives rise to a title with very suggestive artistic choices and a soundtrack that will quickly drag you into a playful synaesthesia from which it is difficult to break away.

Galaga Wars
A timeless classic of arcade shooters that returns in a mobile version with completely new graphics. Maybe the gamers of yore would have preferred the chance to enjoy some pixel art, but Galaga remains a game that can capture you for 5 minutes or even an hour and is also very playable on mobile.

MasterChef: Let’s Cook
Inspired by the most famous culinary reality show in the world, this title is fragmented into various skill mini-games with which you will have to mix, fillet, clean and serve a series of succulent dishes to advance through the broadcast and win this sort of virtual edition. by MasterChef.

Reigns Beyond
Reigns is a game released a few years ago in which it was necessary to be able to govern a medieval kingdom by gradually choosing what to do in certain situations, swiping left and right and navigating between plots, wars and famines. Beyond is the latest in a series of sequels and this time everything moves into Space, with planets to explore, music to play and space pirates to fight. You often die, but it’s all part of a game written with great irony and full of variables.


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