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5G and IoT, a revolutionary technology that opens up a new world

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Uptivo, leader in telemetry, has launched the Uptivo Live platform, designed to offer a safe, engaging and performing fitness experience allowing a real-time and bi-directional exchange between trainer and athlete, thanks to the synergy between telemetry and video streaming. Uptivo Live allows you to create training sessions online for up to 50 participants or one-to-one, offering a targeted and personalized service even remotely. During the training session the trainer displays each athlete’s heart rate in real time and can adjust training intensity and pace, just like a class in the gym.

Whip also addresses sports enthusiasts, who has developed a technology capable of processing the raw data produced by wearable devices, smartphones and action cameras to make professional and accurate metrics. In 2018 it released the Whip Liva app which is now a community of reference for safety and outdoor routes, equipped with totally free tracking services and vertical functions for every activity by bike, motorcycle or on foot.

Juri Iurato and Timoteo Gallia will present MeteoTracker, a portable weather station whose sensors measure temperature, humidity and pressure on precise points thanks to the geo-locator. The data is displayed in real time on a smartphone and sent to the cloud where it can be used for statistics and analysis.

Supply chain transparency is increasingly important, both for companies, which need complete visibility to identify possible risks and act promptly to avoid them, and for consumers, who are increasingly interested in knowing where the products come from. Wenda has created a universal and collaborative platform that allows companies to easily manage, analyze and share temperature, logistics and track & trace data from production to consumer.

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The event will also be attended by AnotheReality, a startup specializing in the development of immersive eXtended Reality (Ar / Vr / Mr) solutions that find application in the business and entertainment sectors, and Unicorn mobility, which collaborates with micro-communities to offer its turnkey ebike networks.

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