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6 signs that only say one thing: “You are at risk of burnout”

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Months of uphill, no doubt: the pandemic is putting a strain on workers’ mental health, ever closer to the burnout risk. It is therefore not surprising to know that the most enlightened companies have responded to the conditions of intensified and evident stress of their employees and collaborators.implementing a variety of help services, ranging from access to psychotherapy apps to free mindfulness, meditation, resilience courses.

According to a report published a few months ago by Psychologists Guide, more than half of millennials and centennials are struggling with burnout situations: 23% of users interviewed in the survey identify their malaise with an ongoing burnout and 35% say they are battling stress, anxiety, discomfort and depression.

The fact is that it is not always possible to understand that you are one step away from burnout and, more often, you end up understanding that you have had a heavy emotional and physical meltdown only some time later, perhaps helped by a good psychologist.

Here, then, the 8 signals which indicate the real risk of Burnout. The psychologist reveals them Elena Welcome in our gallery.


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