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7 wellness practices for your vagina

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Since 2019 it also has a dedicated museum, precisely in London, created to eradicate the taboos that still, unfortunately, revolve around the most intimate female area. Strange, however, to think that even today, in 2021, of the vagina the women themselves know very little. According to a survey conducted by Nuvenia last year, 20% of us still do not know exactly where the vulva is, moreover 50% believe it has the same shape for all. Our V not only has different looks and is unique and unrepeatable, but also has 50 shades of colors that change according to the complexion of each one.

In recent years, however, something has changed: abandoned absurd nicknames, we first of all took to calling her by her name: Vagina or Vulva second we speak, as we said, of the visible area or the invisible area to the eyes. The well-being of this area begins to matter to us so that the brands that offer dedicated solutions and cosmetics have increased exponentially. Underwear becomes beautiful in short, among whitening creams (you know that the pop star Cardi B, for example, is an addicted to vagina bleaching, treatment to have perfect private parts?) glitter creams (because even where the sun does not shine you need to shine), warm and sensual scents capable of intensifying the most intimate moments by stimulating all the senses and serums that maintain the vulvar microbiota healthy and balanced (which also keeps you healthy by avoiding frequent washing and perhaps tight clothing, as well as following a Mediterranean diet at the table rich in yogurt and dairy products). According to a research conducted by the University of Catania all this helps to increase the immune defenses, not only of the vagina.

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E pubic hair is also a carrier of V-wellness as they constitute a natural barrier to keep intimate areas clean, reduce contact with viruses and bacteria and protect the delicate skin of the area. Not only that, they shield from infections and skin problems, from dust and protect the entry of foreign particles and pathogenic bacteria while also helping to control the area – reducing the chances of yeast like candida. In short, let’s think about it before doing integral waxing and hair removal, it being understood that, of course, everyone has full freedom in this matter.

It must be said, however, that species when it comes to correct vagina beauty routine chaos reigns between fake news and pseudoscience. Precisely for this reason, the internationally renowned Canadian gynecologist Jen Gunter has decided to come to the aid of all with the book The happy vagina (published by Sperling & Kupfer) just published in Italy. It is a real manual to dispel all the false myths about women’s health and help women become aware of themselves by loving themselves more.

La Vagina Felice (ed. Sperling & Kupfer)

“I’ve been practicing medicine for thirty-three years and I’ve been a gynecologist for twenty-four. I have listened to many women and I know the questions they ask and the questions they would ask if they knew how to ask them. This book contains everything I want to let women know about their vulva and vagina, ”writes the author in the introduction. From the anatomical study to practical advice for daily hygiene, from the choice of the right absorbent to the funniest curiosities, the book, already a bestseller, answers several unresolved questions on the subject or about which very little is known.

In the gallery, we then thought of collecting 7 wellness practices for our vagina, from gymnastics to hygiene, up to dedicated technology (the so-called femtech products), to aesthetic rejuvenation and attention to the health of our friend V.

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