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A 43-year-old father and son go to school because of a bet

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A 43-year-old father and son go to school because of a bet

Who would be the better nursing trainee: a recent school graduate or a middle-aged man with professional experience in the healthcare sector? Mario, then 42, and his 19-year-old son Philipp asked themselves exactly this question a year ago.

“We joked about which of us would do the better exam!” says Mario to “Bild”. At this point, Mario had already worked as a nursing assistant for twelve years. That’s why he was sure that he would outdo his receptive son – so sure that he immediately made a money bet with him.

Since then, Mario has been going to school at the Werra-Meißner Clinic in Hesse. As a first year trainee. His son Philipp is already in his third year.

Mario is called “Student Mario” by his son

Recently they were even deployed in the same ward, Mario tells the Werra-Meißner Clinic. That was particularly fun, even though his son now never misses an opportunity to tease him.

Philipp constantly calls him “Student Mario”. The colleagues even adopted the nickname. “My son talks like a waterfall,” says Mario. Philipp, on the other hand, says: “My father doesn’t listen.”

Father and son want to remain loyal to the clinic

But we also help each other, says Mario. His son sometimes helps him with the theory – of course only because he is already two years ahead. At 43 you are not too old to learn. But it “takes a bit of getting used to […]“To get back into learning.”

For his part, Philipp emphasizes that he often benefits from his father’s life experience. He learns things from Mario that don’t appear in any books. “My father recently helped me a lot with how I deal mentally when a patient I worked with dies,” says Philipp.

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The two don’t just want to stay connected to each other. They also want to remain loyal to their training institution after their exams.

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