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A bill also looks at Family Centered Care

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A bill also looks at Family Centered Care

An opportunity for discussion between health sector experts and family associations, with the aim of putting the fundamental role of the family at the center throughout a child’s illness. This was the conference “Family Centered Care: everyone’s issue” promoted by Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation Ets together with Aopi, Sin, Irccs Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Foundation e Sda Bocconi School of Management which hosted him on Monday 4 December.

The proposed law

The event, sponsored by Municipality of Milan, by the Childhood and Adolescence Guarantor of the Lombardy Region and by the Niguarda Foundationhas seen the presentation of a bill dedicated to promoting family-centered carefiled on November 17 by the congresswoman Simona Bordonali.

The same Bordonali talking about the importance of care centered on family stressed: «The participation of the family in the care process during a child’s illness is an integral part of the treatment. Making this participation possible through spaces where hospitality is found is essential. Not just physical spaces, but places where patients and their families can find the welcome and support of a second home.”

«This» continued Bordonali «are the Ronald houses. The visit to Casa Ronald in Brescia and the sharing of values ​​with the Ronald McDonald Foundation led to the birth and deposit of mine bill that includes provisions for the promotion of family-centered care. A first step, which I hope will become state law as soon as possible, but a necessary intervention alongside the families who find themselves facing dramatic moments and towards all those associations, foundations and bodies that have been working in this direction for some time”

The conference was an opportunity for discussion between experts in the healthcare sector and family associations, with the aim of focusing on the fundamental role of the family throughout a child’s illness. Among the participants, Lamberto BertoléCouncilor for Welfare and Health of the Municipality of Milan e Fabio Mosca, director of the Maternal-Child Area Department of the Irccs Ca’ Granda Foundation Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan.

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Research is underway on the value produced by the McDonald Foundation

Furthermore, during the event a ambitious research project by Sda Bocconi which will investigate the value produced by the Ronald McDonald Foundation through the Family Rooms and the Ronald Houses, evaluating the contribution to the National Health System, to the innovation of services and to the communities of reference.

«This conference opens an important research project, through which Sda Bocconi’s Cergas will measure the value generated by the Ronald McDonald Italia Foundation through Family Centered Care and the other activities launched in its first 25 years of operation in our country”, explained Francesca Lecci, Associate Professor of Practice di Sda Bocconi School of Management.

Family centered Care, una ricerca multi-stakeholder

«It will be work that will be developed throughout 2024 in a clear perspective multi-stakeholder to understand how much and how the Foundation has contributed to generating value for the healthcare system and its operators, for the economic and local authority system and, clearly, for families and children. Not a point of arrival, but a starting point for planning future developments”, Lecci said, underlining that the research will investigate the impact on multiple levels of “Family Centered Care”.

The conference was divided into five thematic panels. We started from the one above The humanization of spaces: the hospital of the future and of the community” was the central theme of the first debatea very current topic that focuses on the new dimension of hospital architecture, increasingly oriented not only to the physical care of the patient but also to social and psychological assistance.
The second panel has seen the center the application of the “Family Centered Care” model of care – philosophy in which the Ronald McDonald Foundation strongly believes and which recognizes the family and the community as a fundamental point of strength in the treatment and healthcare path of a sick child.

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The voice of those who live and share the model

In the third and fourth panels, space was given to the voices of the hospitals that share the “Family Centered Care” model, of a mother hosted by one of the eight Ronald McDonald Foundation facilities in Italy and of four representatives of family associations or volunteers – born out of personal experiences with the aim of supporting the families of both hospitalized children and children suffering from serious or chronic pathologies.
Finally, the fifth and final panel “Family Centered Care in European care standards” it was an opportunity to broaden our gaze beyond national borders.

Case Ronald e Family Room

Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation fully embraces this model of care: its reception network, distributed internationally and nationally through le 4 Case Ronald e le 4 Family Room, was born with the aim of giving hospitalized children and their families the opportunity to remain united in a difficult moment such as that of hospital treatment. The next opening of Casa Ronald in Bologna goes in this direction and aims, with the inauguration scheduled for this month, to welcome families with children undergoing treatment at the Irccs Policlinico di Sant’Orsola.

Nicola Antonacci (in the picture), president of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation, commented: «We are really proud to promote, together with prestigious partners, the second round table entirely dedicated to Family Centered Care. This model of care has always inspired our mission and guides our daily activities. We firmly believe that putting the family at the center of the child’s treatment process is the right way to support and accompany them at the moment of diagnosis and treatment”.

Humanization of care and new polyclinic

«The humanization of care is a particularly dear topic for me», explains Marco Giachetti, president of the Milan Polyclinic. «I am convinced that a hospital, in addition to the specific duty to treat, must also pay attention to another type of care, that towards the most human and fragile part of people. Patients or their family members who enter the ward for hospitalization or a visit must find a welcoming, warm environment and a series of attentions that make the hospital experience a positively perceived experience. Here because in the construction of our New Polyclinic we are paying great attention to the overall well-being of the person, designing meeting places that go beyond the treatment path. The hospital will have a large roof garden where patients, visitors and operators will have dedicated spaces to experience the greenery during a break or to regenerate; for children it will be an opportunity to spend small moments of leisure in a protected and welcoming environment, together with their parents and loved ones”.

In the opening image from the left Fabio Mosca, director of the Maternal and Child Area Department of the Irccs Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Foundation; Massimo Lombardo, General Manager of the Civil Spedali of Brescia; Riccardo Bettiga, Guarantor for Children and Adolescents of the Lombardy Region: Francesca Lecci, Associate Professor of Practice Healthcare Management, Director of the Emmas Executive Master in Management of Healthcare and Social Welfare Companies, Sda Bocconi; Marco Giachetti, president of IRCC Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico; Maria Chiara Roti, Director of the Ronald McDonald Italia Ets Children’s Foundation; Emanuele Monti, president of the Social Sustainability, Home and Family Commission of the Lombardy Region; Stefano Caselli, Dean, Sda Bocconi and Nicola Antonacci, president of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundationphoto from the press office

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