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A blood test to discover 50 tumors, a promising test in GB

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A blood test to discover 50 tumors, a promising test in GB

It has given promising results defined by the researchers of the british national health service (nhs) the experimentation conducted in recent months on thousands of volunteers in the United Kingdom of a type of blood test – the Gallery Test – developed in the USA by a Californian laboratory to help identify up to 50 different forms of cancer through early diagnosis.

The BBC reports it, taking up the results of a paper prepared in view of a medical conference organized in Chicago by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
The British experimentation of the Galleri test is the first in the world on a sample of this size.

Conducted on 5,000 patients with suspicious symptoms who came to hospitals and public health facilities in England and Wales, it produced correct positive diagnoses in two thirds of cases, as later confirmed with traditional methods such as biopsies or ultrasounds.
Also helping doctors, in 85% of these, to identify exactly the point of onset of the tumors.
The University of Oxford, which participated in the screening, also underlined that it is an experimentation process that has not yet been completed, a “work in progress” to be completed with further studies and checks. But he nonetheless expressed optimism on the fact that we may be faced with an additional effective tool for the timely diagnosis of oncological pathologies.
75% of people tested positive did indeed have cancer, according to published numbers. While only 2.5% of the negative results proved to be fallacious in the end and denied by other diagnostic means by the presence of a tumour.

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