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A blood test will tell us if we will have a heart attack within six months |

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A blood test will tell us if we will have a heart attack within six months |

And blood test to find out if we will have a heart attack 6 months before it happens. The news comes directly from a study by researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden, who collaborated with other European research centers.

A simple one blood test to find out if we will have a heart attack could revolutionize prevention

Experts spoke of a revolutionary discovery. An algorithm is able to identify the chances of having a heart attack in the 6 months following the exam. According to the researchers, it is a tool capable of predicting heart attacks. You can read the results in the scientific journal Cardiovascular Research.

It goes without saying that identifying the risk of heart attack 6 months in advance, could allow timely interventions and significantly improve the quality of life of people at risk.

Another research group is already working on a predictive blood test, but the goal is different

Another group of researchers he is developing a blood test That evaluate the troponin situation. It is a molecule that forms in the heart after it has suffered trauma. Typically, troponin levels are so low that they cannot be detected.

When they are identified it means that there has been a traumatic event. The test we are working on allows us to detect even very low levels of this enzyme. This way we can understand if we will have a heart attack soon.

The situation of heart attacks in Italy

Every year only in Italy approximately 120,000 people have a heart attack. High mortality rate: 25,000 of these patients lose their lives before reaching an emergency room. Those who manage to get to the hospital are much more likely to survive. Cardiovascular diseases are still the leading cause of death in our country and throughout the Western world.

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And blood test to find out if we will have a heart attack: molecules discovered in people who later had a heart attack

The researchers have analyzed just under 170,000 people, coming from six different countries of the Old Continent. None of the 169,053 volunteers had had cardiovascular disease. Over the course of one semester, 420 of them had a heart attack.

The research team had taken blood samples from all the people involved at the start of the trial. By comparing the samples of healthy people with those who had the cardiovascular event, the researchers they found that those who later had heart attacks had higher levels of certain proteins and specific metabolitescompared to the other.

The algorithm will be available online for everyone

Together with software experts, the scientists developed an online algorithm. Thanks to the combination of some biological data and risk factors such as age, sex, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, this algorithm is capable of making an assessment of the risk of heart attack up to six months in advance that it occurs.

What’s even more interesting is that soon this system will be put online, therefore accessible to all. Once we have compiled the answers with the results of a blood test we will know what level our cardiological prevention is at.

We remember that Most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by adopting suitable lifestyles.

The researchers now want to focus on the role of the 90 molecules they identified by analyzing blood samples taken from volunteers.

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