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A book traces the history of occupational medicine, presented in Pavia

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A book that traces the history of occupational medicine, which is universally initiated with the Emilian doctor Bernardino Ramazzini who, between the 17th and 18th centuries, carried out the first significant studies on the health risks associated with the trades of the time, up to the present day, passing from the industrial revolutions in which medicine “It was not yet oriented towards the protective and promotional protection of the ‘tiny people’ who work, but remained anchored to the idea that such protection and promotion were a means aimed at preserving the workforce and increasing production”. So it is historian and writer Giorgio Cosmacini, born in 1931, professor at the University of Milan and at the San Raffaele University, author of the book “History of Occupational Medicine, from Bernardino Ramazzini to Salvatore Maugeri (1700-1985)“, presented today in Pavia, on the occasion of a day organized by the Maugeri Clinical Scientific Institute (Ics), which is being celebrated today the 56th anniversary, and on the day of the 116th anniversary of Maugeri’s birth.

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Facts, history, but above all great doctors who have innovated the discipline. “Maugeri – said Cosmacini – is the character, the dominant figure of what we call occupational medicine, which began 3 centuries ago. He updated Ramazzini’s message which dated back to 1700, passing it on to his followers and pupils and to all those who today work in this large center in favor of workers. Today – he continued – work is in the eye of the storm, there are those who do not have a job, there are those who have it and it is a tiring job, there are those who suffer from a job stressful, there are white deaths. Faced with these highly topical issues, the figure of Maugeri stands out with his precursor genius “.

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