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a city “at stake” with construction sites blocked. “We inherit a difficult situation”

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a city “at stake” with construction sites blocked.  “We inherit a difficult situation”

From the school in via Panoramica to the gym on via Ionio. Construction sites are at stake. Either completely still or slowly. “We ended up with a really complicated legacy”, is what the new Riccione Councilor for Public Works Simone Imola claims. This morning the councilor, with the mayor Daniela Angelini at his side and council colleagues Sandra Villa and Christian Andruccioli, wanted to make a point on the situation of public works in Riccione. A picture that is anything but rosy. “We have a lot of infrastructure-related construction sites down – the commissioner Imola reports to RiminiToday -. An incorrect planning leaps to everyone’s eye, let’s think of the school in via Panoramica or the museum and the theater, but in addition to what is to be attributed to the old administration, there are also contingent situations such as the difficulty of finding the materials “.

Simone Imola also emphasizes other aspects that make the situation critical to the public works sector. “On the preliminary works, which had been thought about participation in the Pnrr funds, we discovered that the co-participation fee to be paid by the institution was missing. I think of the swimming pool where there are 800,000 missing, the same goes for the former slaughterhouse ”. In addition, the technical offices of the Municipality were also found in apnea: “Following retirement, the staff was not replaced”.

News in sight also on the front of the management of the asphalting plan. “Geat has 1.7 million euros available per year – explains Imola -, as of 13 June after the elections there were 100 thousand euros left, the rest they were used for electoral asphalts. In view of the future we want to increase our commitment with Geat, but we will divide the roads into primary and secondary, giving priority to the maintenance of roads with higher traffic ”.

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The focus on public works

Territory Museum: for the execution of the work, the European Community, through the Emilia Romagna Region, has granted the Municipality of Riccione a loan of 1.2 million euros for completion by 31 March 2023. Start of works: 25 January 2022. Current status: The works were awarded when there were significant cost increases. To date, the construction site is stopped: the construction site and the demolition of the structures were completed and the works for the construction of the foundations had begun. At the moment we are working to restart the construction site with the utmost urgency, at the same time the Region has been contacted to have an extension on the date of completion of the works, in order not to lose the financing.

Via Ionio gym: construction site stopped due to the abandonment of the site by the company. Current status: the current administration has worked, with the collaboration of the architect Morri, to have the roof closed in an emergency, to avoid deterioration of the wooden structures inside. We will take over the construction site with assignments aimed at favoring local companies to restart the work.

Scenic route school: construction site is currently stopped. The first problem arose after a series of hesitations, the original contractor communicated his intention not to sign the contract, forcing the municipality to place a subsequent award. The administration is working to restart the construction site, starting with the termination of the contract with the company and proceeding with the expectation of its completion once the gymnasium and the foundations of the school have been tested from a structural point of view. Finding new funds to cover the cost increase and approving the corresponding variant are the priorities.

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Viale Capri school. Current status: the school is almost completed. The delivery was supposed to take place in July 2022, but there were gods delays in supplies of finishing materials. The administration immediately worked to complete it for the start of the school. From the executive floor, the external part including sewers and the parking in via Tre Baci were not envisaged. Works that were put on site immediately.
School of via Catullo. Current status: the school is nearing completion and will be open for the start of the school year. Activating a dialogue with the Ministry so that the contribution of 1.2 million is not lost is the commitment of the current administration.

Space Tondelli. Current status: Works started in May 2021. The construction site is progressing slowly. In addition to the problems related to the company, during the excavations serious structural problems emerged that blocked the works, which were resumed only after the redesign of the pillars. The administration was activated together with the architect Morri and the intervention designer Arch. Anton Luca Nannini, proceeding with local firms for the execution of the missing works. The conclusion is estimated in spring 2023.

Former slaughterhouse. Current status: with resolution 1011 of 2020, the Social Services approved a project for the social reuse of the former slaughterhouse located in the San Lorenzo district. The project was nominated for funding from Pnrr funds and was admitted in the context of urban regeneration interventions financed for an amount of 5 million euros against a cost of the intervention equal to 8.1 million euros. The current administration immediately took steps to find the 3 million unfunded. Finding the sources of funding and making contacts with the ministry to be aware of the project margins and the re-evaluation of the costs of materials, are the priorities that the administration has given itself.

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Reggiana colony. Current situation: the previous administration presented a preliminary project by the architect, Piervittorio Morri. The cost of the project, to carry it out, amounted to about 12 million euros. No funding was found. Work is underway to include it in a tender which provides for funding for 12 properties throughout the country.

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