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A collective NFT created on Instagram: the new frontier of digital art

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It’s hard to tell what’s new, what was not there and is now and who really came first in the world of digital art and Nft (what are they?), which is rapidly evolving and which everyone talks about especially since March, since when Beeple auctioned one of his works for nearly $ 70 million.

Truly what the digital artist is Giuseppe Lo Schiavo will create together with the people who will attend one of his live on Instagram, will it be the first collective NFT? Probably yes, maybe not, but it doesn’t matter. In any case, it matters up to a certain point: in this sector what matters is not so much arriving earlier, as having a good idea that is appreciated by the public. And this idea, which has taken on concreteness thanks to involvement of Bombay Sapphire and the Domus Academy, that seems like a really good idea. In short, an original idea.


The first NFT in history sold by Sotheby’s: “It is comparable to a Picasso”

by Emanuele Capone

A (digital) work of art created all together
The appointment is for 6.30 pm on November 17th, when the people who will attend the live on Instagram broadcast by the profiles of the influencer and creative director Paolo Stella and Lo Schiavo will be able to contribute to the creation of the work, choosing what will be represented: “We will start from the set that will be the background to the live, created by the students of the Domus Academy and by the designers Elena and Giulia Sella of Design by Gemini – they explained to us the two – and we’ll give viewers a list of items they can choose from, among those that they believe will best match our virtual canvas and above all that they would like to save and carry into the future “.

Because the purpose of the project, titled Behind The Canvas, is to leave some sort of for the generations to come version 2.0 of the “message in the bottle”, so much so that the set recalls in its graphics the unmistakable bottles of Bombay Sapphire gin: “We decided to support and sponsor this initiative because the concepts of going further and stimulating creativity have always been part of our brand philosophy”, he told us. Chiara Pedraglio, brand manager of the company, which belongs to the Bacardi group.

The live, which will last for about 40 minutes, it will be structured like a TV show, with the spectators who will be able to see both the set, in which Stella and Lo Schiavo will move, and the artist’s computer screen, where the work will take shape: “It will be like seeing a sculptor at work – said Lo Slave – Except that instead of the chisel I will use the software to create the work ”.

From left: Paolo Stella, Chiara Pedraglio and Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

The curiosity

Now the NFT also land in the parish

by Luca Corsolini

What will happen to the NFT created live?
As mentioned, people will be able to choose through the comments what to insert and where within this modern painting, starting from the list of objects proposed but not limited only to those: in the end the work will be signed by Lo Schiavo, one of the pioneers of NFT in Italy (his best known creation is called Robotics and this is it), but the idea is to also include the names of everyone who participated and contributed.

The NFT that will be born from this collective thought will be unveiled on December 1st and will be used in several different ways:

  • Bombay Sapphire will obviously use the image for some advertising campaigns;

  • the students of the Naba, the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, can participate in a contest and reinterpret it, seeing their works published online and even winning a cash prize;

  • The Slave will keep the intellectual property and put it for sale on Makersplace, an online auction house specializing in cryptocurrencies.

And who knows who isn’t buying it Stella: “I would have liked them to give it to me – she said smiling at the end of our video chat – But there was no way to convince them ”. Not yet, at least.


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