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A degree is born that turns doctors and engineers into one fell swoop

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Doctor and engineer, two apparently distant professions but that from this year they will join in a single degree course. At the University of Calabria it will be possible to obtain a degree in Medicine and Digital Technologies. An innovation that opens up to the future and the possibility of students to obtain one double training in two disciplines that over the years have been able to combine their peculiarities together. The new degree course will therefore ensure a curriculum bioinformatico through double title: Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.

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Medicine and engineering come together in a single degree program

The University of Calabria, in collaboration with the Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro, has devised a new degree course that combines tradition and technological innovation. From this year, students will be able to enroll in the academic course in Medicine and Digital Technologies and through which two degrees will be obtained: the master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery and the three-year degree in computer engineering with bioinformatics curriculum.

An important and winning initiative, which we will follow over time to understand if there is the possibility of extending it to other realities“- commented the Minister of the University, Cristina Messa, during the inauguration of the innovative degree course.

A unique university educational offer in our country which will implement the increasingly massive request for professionals in multiple sectors, helping to train specialists, even in apparently distant disciplines, who can lead to development of major innovations in medicine.

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Medicine and engineering: what will be studied in the new degree course

To illustrate the new training offer, on the occasion of the presentation of the new degree course in Medicine and Digital Technologies, was the Rector of Unical, Nicola Leone, full professor of computer science and well-known scholar of international circles.

Medical training will be enriched with the knowledge of new technologies that will be applied to the health sector, also through learning the methods and techniques of artificial intelligence and bio-informatics. Fundamental steps to design new applications for the fields of precision medicine, telemedicine, personalized medicine, robotic surgery.

In the summer of 2020, discussions began with the Region and with colleagues from the Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro. We started with our excellences, such as Unical, in the IT and artificial intelligence fields – explained the Rector. – Those who come out of our courses in that field can count on 100% immediate occupancy: even many Italian and international companies have opened their offices here to use our students and the registrations have in fact doubled. So we have created a series of virtuous synergies with Catanzaro to create this brand new Master’s Degree course“.

Among teachings of the new master’s coursewe find: Elements of Electromagnetism and Theory of Circuits, Electronics and Sensors, Computing Architectures and Operating Systems, Transport Phenomena in Medicine and Biology, Programming Techniques and Information Security. And again, Mathematics and Statistics for Medicine, Information Processing Systems, Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biochemistry, Human Anatomy, Histology and Embryology.

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