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a dozen hospitalized for Covid

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LECCE – In the intensive care for Covid in the Lecce hospital there are 5 patients, all without vaccination. There are a total of 46 hospitalized patients and among these there are also 12 with a double dose of vaccine, but they are over eighty who have made the second dose seven months ago and more.

This data is very indicative of the fact that the trend of the epidemic pressure on hospitals depends very much on the ability to promptly resort to the recall (in these hours the Council of Ministers could decide to “lower” the time needed to access the hospital to four months. third dose).

Assuming that it is acquired with solid scientific bases the fact, which in any case it is considered probable, that the Omicron variant is less incisive in terms of symptoms than the other notes, it is already documented that its circulation runs at at least twice the speed of the Delta: translated in a nutshell for hospitals there could still be problems if the base of infections were to be large, as the curves of other European countries show, then it could result in a number of hospitalizations still sufficient to send the hospital system into crisis, also with reference to the treatment of all other pathologies.

The diffusion, tomorrow, of the weekly ASL report, should attest to the overcoming of the 200 thousand booster doses administered. According to the update of last Friday, in the population between 80 and 89 years, about 60 percent of the target audience had received the third dose.

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Yesterday, meanwhile, a total of 7669 vaccinations were made, of which 875 to boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 11, for a total of 4,200 from December 16 (opening day for children). At the Zappalà barracks it was a 12-year-old who received the 150 thousand dose: many were administered in that hub, the largest in the province, since the beginning of the vaccination campaign.


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