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A food can cause heart attacks and strokes: pay attention to the doses used

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An everyday food can cause heart attacks and strokes if used excessively. Our health must be protected with precise doses, avoiding any abuse.


The salute it is a cherished theme that unites all people. Our body is a temple, said Hippocrates, which must be protected and respected. Sports activity is one healthy nutrition are the basis of a life projected towards self-care and, consequently, in addition to walking and Playing sports, you need to carefully evaluate the foods you eat. Some foods, in fact, can increase health problems and not because they contain ethylene oxide, salmonella or microbiological risks – we recall all the warnings of the Ministry of Health in this regard. The sale, for example, contains of course an amount of sodium which abuse could cause heart attacks and strokes.

Salt, when the food causes heart attacks and strokes

Salt, widely used in the Mediterranean diet, is a food rich in sodium and, therefore, little indicated that those with high blood pressure. Be careful, however, it is not necessary to think that the risks concern only people with hypertension problems. Every consumer could be affected by a pathology for an abuse of salt up to having a heart attack or a stroke.

It is necessary to reduce the use of food to a minimum to avoid health problems. The National Institute for Food and Nutrition has found that sodium intake is on average daily around 4 grams. This is the double the maximum threshold to be respected. And we’re not just talking about the salt we add to the pasta or salad water but also about the amount of sodium already present in some products.

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How to reduce the amount of sodium you consume

To fall within the limits set by the INAN it is good to avoid or in any case reduce the consumption of specific products. The Pizza margherita eaten in restaurants, for example, it weighs about 300 grams and contains 2 grams of sodium – about 5 grams of table salt. Therefore, the maximum threshold indicated in a single meal with this unexpected food is reached.

To reduce salt intake, avoiding heart attacks and strokes, you can opt for low sodium mineral waters verifying that the values ​​indicated on the bottle label are true. A sodium content of around 0.05 grams it is ideal since to get to 2 grams of sodium you would need to drink 20 liters of water a day. Similarly, it is good to buy cold cuts, dairy products and bread with little salt inside and, while cooking, it is preferable to use spices of various kinds – rosemary, sage, thyme, mint – instead of salt. The dishes will flavor the same and our health will be safe.

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