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a handful helps us speed up the metabolism

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a handful helps us speed up the metabolism

It is a very small and common ingredient that can make a difference in the effectiveness of our diet. Seeing is believing!

The actual effectiveness of the diet depends on the combination of a number of factors. Basically, the most important principle is the following: our goal must be the continuous stimulation of the organism. In fact, decreasing the doses of food taken is not enough, once the body is accustomed to the new quantities, we could have a decisive stop in weight loss. At that point, an extra stimulus is needed.

Diet (Pexels)

To further stimulate our body to lose weight, it would be better to combine a little physical activity with the diet. By this we mean, for example, a nice 45-minute walk three times a week, or a few hours of aerobics or work-out. In any case, too food selection may or may not promote weight loss. In fact, some foods have the ability to further stimulate the body. Today, in particular we will talk about the Chia seeds.

Diet: 25g of chia seeds promote weight loss

When we talk about the Chia seeds, we refer to a very common and easily available ingredient in any well-stocked supermarket. They can act as a substitute for fish, thanks to the amount of omega3, vitamins and minerals. They are incredibly beneficial for our body, especially because they are rich in antioxidants and able to stimulate the central nervous system. As if that weren’t enough, chia seeds allow you to counteracting aging and fight cell degeneration.

Chia seeds (Pexels)
Chia seeds (Pexels)

Other than that, they have the power of promote digestion and absorption of the foods we integrate into our body. By effectively stimulating the body, they allow you to lose weight faster, improving the effectiveness of the diet. In fact, a handful of 25g per day (no more) to obtain the desired effects and moreover it is possible to safely insert them in our dishes. In this way, we will not even notice the intake, but at the same time our body will benefit from it enormously.

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Finally, if you suffer from constipation, these simple seeds also allow you to re-establish the correct functioning of the gastro-intestinal system. Just leave a teaspoon or two of chia seeds to soak in water for 24 hours and drink the contents the next day. The compound will act as a laxative, allowing you to permanently solve the problem of constipation. Seeing is believing!

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