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A law on endometriosis is on the way

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The first bill for the prevention and awareness of endometriosis comes from Lazio. The government could finally recognize it as a crippling disease. Around the world, 150 million women suffer from it.

In Italy alone, 3 million women suffer from a debilitating disease better known as endometriosis and a quarter of these live in Lazio. However, despite the pains and problems, this disorder is often diagnosed too late. Precisely for this reason, the first related law proposal focused on this pathology was born in the Lazio region.

Endometriosis is late diagnosed

To date, endometriosis i is still too little studied and known because the effects it has on women, as well as the pains it causes, are often confused with those of other diseases. For this it is the purpose of this law is to promote prevention, early diagnosis and improve research on the pathology, thus offering the most appropriate care to those affected.

Endometriosis: the intervention of Giorgia Soleri

Recently the topic “endometriosis” has been the subject of interest thanks to the interventions on the social networks of the model and influencer Giorgia Soleri, 25, known for being the girlfriend of Damiano, the Maneskin front man. The will of the young girl is that, through her testimony, “to be able to help women seek a diagnosis, to feel less alone, to find the courage to change doctor or to demand respect from those who do nothing but invalidate the pain caused by the disease, in order to improve or try to improve their quality of life“.
Through a post on Instagram, portraying her body after the operation, Giorgia has decided to once again raise awareness among her followers on this debilitating pathology.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a complex chronic disease which implies the abnormal presence of the endometrium, the tissue that lines the inner wall of the uterus in other organs. It can cause chronic pain and infertility, compromise social life and quality of life if not consulted by specialists and on time. Endometriosis is characterized by a strong interaction between genetics and the environment. The inheritance rate is 51%.
Still little known, its diagnosis often comes when the disease is in an advanced state and it is more difficult to mitigate the symptoms and effects.

How is it treated?

At first it is possible to cure this disease with drug therapy based on progesterone or estrogen-progestin associations, trivially the contraceptive pill that will be able to relieve pain during menstrual cycles in a consistent way. Only later can we think about the surgery, like the one recently undergone by Guenda Goria, the daughter of Maria Teresa Ruta, who told about her painful experience on social media.

The need for an endometriosis law

The first signatory of the text was Michela Califano, Lazio regional councilor who together with Sara Battisti (PD regional councilor) explains: “The law speaks first of all of the need to build tools for the knowledge and prevention of endometriosis, because too often the diagnoses are late and on the one hand the non-targeted investigations have important costs for the health system, on the other they deny women the opportunity to arrive at an effective cure in a short time, a cure that allows her to come back to life “.


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Awareness raising

Another purpose of the measure proposed by the Lazio region is to raise awareness among local health authorities and schools on the subject, given that the 7-10% of girls experience the first symptoms of endometriosis already in adolescence. It is important to remember that it is not only gynecological health personnel who must be trained but also experienced psychologists since qhis disease causes damage not only physically but also mentally and socially, making it disabling in couple relationships and in everyday life for the women who are affected by it.

The wish it is the one that future generations will be best protected in case of endometriosis pain and that the disease can be diagnosed and treated before it is too late.

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