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A new gym with a basketball court on the roof, to build it is a hunt for funds from the NRP

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A new gym with a basketball court on the roof, to build it is a hunt for funds from the NRP

The new gymnasium of the Sant’Andrea in Casale school complex is a candidate for funding provided by the Pnrr. The project, which will allow to further increase the spaces dedicated to the didactic-educational activities already present, involves the construction of a multipurpose sports facility next to the new middle school – inaugurated in April 2019 – and located in the immediate vicinity of the theater parking lot. Justinian Villa.

“With this project signed by the architect Edoardo Preger – explains the mayor Mirna Cecchini – we create the conditions for a modern center for motor activities perfectly organized and suitable for the multiple needs expressed by the teaching staff and students. In addition, we respond to the entire local community, in continuous demographic growth, considering the requests from numerous sports clubs for facilities equipped to be used even outside school hours. In the recent expansion of the primary and lower secondary school, the changing rooms had already been built in anticipation of the gymnasium that we are now applying for funds from the NRP. The gymnasium will thus complete a quality civic center, at the service of the rapidly developing hamlet and already home to the provincial industrial center of Valconca, together with the level parking of the Villa theater also intended for the market area and for the summer events scheduled at the open. It is understood – he concludes – that if the conditions of non-reception of the project for access to the funds of the Pnrr occur, the administration will in any case maintain its commitment and proceed autonomously, completing the work “.

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New sports facility

The new gym supporting the Sant’Andrea in Casale school complex will have an internal surface area of ​​over 400 square meters and a height of 6.50 meters (about one meter more than the expected standards). The characteristics of the facility will allow the practice of the main indoor sports – mini-basketball, volleyball, handball, five-a-side football – alongside other so-called free-body activities (including gymnastics, martial arts, dance). The area can be organized in a multifunctional way by marking the playing fields with different colors on the ground. The floor of the structure will be laid in parquet. On the roof of the gym – the roof of the facility – another outdoor playground and sports field is planned to double the opportunities for use of the structure. The connection with the school will take place via a hinged stair-lift body between the two buildings, ensuring the vertical and horizontal passage between the three levels of the complex.

“The gym – says the councilor for Public Works, Christian D’Andrea – was conceived to contain elements of environmental well-being – starting with soundproofing -; high energy saving technological solutions, LED lighting systems, windows with anti-break-in windows. And, again, the analysis of the aspects related to the possible hydrogeological criticalities and seismic susceptibility of the chosen area gave a favorable outcome to fully guarantee public safety “.

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