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A new school gymnasium will be built on the grounds of the gardens at the Polo Leonardo

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A new school gymnasium will be built on the grounds of the gardens at the Polo Leonardo

A new gymnasium, to meet growing educational needs, will be built in the area of ​​the Leonardo school complex in Modena, which houses the Corni and Selmi high schools, thanks to new funding from the Ministry of Education, which has assigned Province of Modena two million and 500 thousand euros for its construction. In addition to these funds, 900 thousand euros have also been allocated for the safety and redevelopment of the gymnasium of the Cavazzi high school in Pavullo and one million and 500 thousand euros for interventions at the Barozzi gymnasium in Modena.

As for the new Corni – Selmi gymnasium, it will be able to be used simultaneously by the two schools, creating two playing fields of 450 square meters each, which can be divided with a movable marquee. Furthermore, the building, which will have a total area of ​​1,350 square meters, will be equipped with independent changing rooms for the classes of the two institutes, a changing room for teachers, as well as an infirmary and a grandstand for the public.
The heating and cooling systems will be created taking into account the energy efficiency of the buildings, thanks to photovoltaic panels which will cover a large part of the energy needs.

The gymnasium will be built adjacent to the school complex, on the land now occupied by vegetable gardens in via Nobili, and will be connected to the campus with a straight cycle/pedestrian path and a covered canopy will be built to ensure greater protection for students from the elements.

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The works must be awarded within the year, so as to be able to complete the intervention within the first months of 2026 and will not involve interruptions in teaching activities, since they will be carried out in an area not adjacent to the classrooms of the two institutes.

At the Polo Leonardo a new “wildcard” school, contract worth 3.4 million

Currently the “Selmi” Higher Education Institute with a linguistic and technical biological high school address has 1783 students for 74 classes while the branch of the “Corni” Higher Education Institute with a technical address in chemistry and electronics hosts 1125 students for 45 classes , and the two existing gymnasiums do not guarantee coverage of the weekly school calendar, in addition to the extracurricular calendar used by sports associations in the afternoon and evening.

The funding was published on the Miur website on 26 January and is part of the government’s measures in favor of funded high school gyms which covers a total of 171 interventions financed with 255 million euros and which are additional resources allocated following the meeting politician between minister Valditara and president of Upi Michele de Pascale.

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