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A ‘Tangled’ Land Could Be Part of Disney’s NEW $1.9 Billion Expansion Project

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A ‘Tangled’ Land Could Be Part of Disney’s NEW $1.9 Billion Expansion Project

Disney has talked about a lot of changes coming to their parks recently.

Festival of Fantasy

We know that ride updates and changes, like Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, are on the way, but Disney has also confirmed that Dinoland U.S.A. is being replaced in Animal Kingdom, an expansion is coming to Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland is expanding thanks to the Disneyland Forward project. The company has even shared some ideas for what these expansions could look like, and we’re SO excited that a Tangled land could be part of that expansion!

Now, none of these ideas are confirmedbut Disneyland has discussed bringing a Tangled land to their parks as part of their $1.9 billion investment plan into the parks and experiences. This money is planned to be spent on new lands, attractions, hotels, shopping, and dining, which would all be located west of Disneyland Drive and on the current Toy Story parking lot.

©City of Anaheim

While ideas are still very much in development, Disney proposed projects centered around Coco, Black Panther, Frozen, Zootopia, Peter Pan, Tron, Toy Story, and Tangled! Tangled follows Rapunzel’s story as she escapes from her tower with Flynn Rider, a wanted bandit, and the two embark on an adventure like no other.

©Orange County Register

So what could a Tangled land look like? Well, Disneyland could be taking some ideas from Tokyo DisneySeawhich is getting ready to open Fantasy Springs later this year, an expansion that includes lands themed to Peter Pan, Frozenand Tangled!

©Disney | Rapunzel’s Forest Concept Art

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We know that Rapunzel’s tower is coming to Fantasy Springs, and it’s so iconic, we’d likely see it in Disneyland too. We also know you’ll be able to experience an attraction called Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival in Fantasy Springs. Would we see this attraction in Disneyland too? Maybe!


Ultimately, we won’t know what Disneyland has planned for this land until they make some more announcementsbut we can take notes of what other parks are doing and assume that Disney may take what works well from them. As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

Here’s what Disneyland could look like as a WHOLE after a $1.9 billion expansion!

What would you really hope to see in a Tangled land? Tell us in the comments!

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