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a teacher is infected, checks are carried out on 150 people

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a teacher is infected, checks are carried out on 150 people

TREVISO – Case of tuberculosis in the Duca degli Abruzzi institute in Treviso. The case was found among the teaching staff of the high school, as explained in a note from the Ulss which immediately activated the health protocol envisaged in these cases: the Mantoux test in the six classes where the infected person teaches, among teachers, in the family and among close contacts. A total of 150 people will have to undergo the test which, in the event of a negative outcome, will be repeated within two or three months. The Institute and the competent authorities have been notified and the appropriate checks will be completed by Thursday next week. Meanwhile in the school the lessons continue and will not be stopped, clearly with active surveillance and prompt reporting should anyone show symptoms.

Disease discovered “by chance”

The teacher who was infected had gone for checks because she was unwell, but nothing had made him think she could be afflicted with tuberculosis. The teacher is not hospitalized and his conditions do not cause concern.

Tuberculosis, symptoms and contagion

As reported by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious and contagious disease caused by a bacterium, the Mycobacterium tuberculosiscommonly called Koch’s bacillus. In most cases it affects i lungs but other parts of the body may be involved. If left untreated, tuberculosis can lead to death.

INFECTION – Tuberculosis is transmitted by air, through respiratory secretions released into the air by an infectious individual, for example through saliva, sneeze o cough.

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SYMPTOMS – Tuberculosis manifests itself with cough (lasting more than 3 weeks), chest pain, fever e night sweats. Over time, the cough may be accompanied by blood in the sputum. Other symptoms include tiredness and weakness, weight loss. Symptoms of pulmonary TB can be mild for months. This can lead to a delay in diagnosis and transmission of infection.

CURE – Drug treatment is based on the use of several antibiotics for a fairly long period of time. Regular and thorough treatment is important to avoid the emergence of drug resistant strains.

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