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A week to talk about sex: between embarrassment, stereotypes and taboos

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A week to talk about sex: between embarrassment, stereotypes and taboos

Is there ever enough talk about sex, sexual desire and above all in a scientifically correct way? Taboos, stereotypes, prejudices, religion, embarrassment, shame are still deterrents. The week of sexual well-being, from 26 September to 1 October 2022, is an opportunity to inform about these issues.

For nine years, the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology (FISS) has offered the possibility of asking questions to experts on sexuality, sexuality education and affectivity through a free consultation or meeting initiatives that this year will return to presence throughout Italy.

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Professionals such as andrologists, gynecologists, psychosexologists deal with topics such as female pleasure, contraceptive methods, premature ejaculation, decreased desire in men, vaginismus. On the website (www.fissonline.it) and on the Federation’s Facebook page, events and list of available specialists.

Sex, the first time? It could be a disappointment

by Tina Simoniello

The event, sponsored by the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists (FNOMCEO) and the National Council of the Order of Psychologists (CNOP), includes conferences, seminars, debates throughout Italy, but also free consultations, even for couples, emotional body workshops. The importance of being able to speak face to face with professionals through listening desks dedicated to the population is a focal point.

“We are at the ninth edition and we have the desire to return to meet people to talk about issues concerning emotional and sexual relationships. During the years of the pandemic, our members have never neglected the appointment, ensuring online consultancy. Now they return with the company. willingness to regain the advantages of meeting in the presence, especially with the younger generations who more than others need the comparison with specialized and professional figures “, explains the professor Except Carusopresident of FISS, gynecologist and associate of the University of Catania.

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All aimed at promoting sexual health and well-being. Because information is often taken from the web, but it is not scientifically correct. It is important to sensitize the population to the issue of sexual health, because it plays an essential role in achieving and maintaining the overall well-being of the person.

Skam talks about micropenia, because it is important to overcome this taboo

by Valentina Guglielmo


Through an online questionnaire, developed by the scientific committee of the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology and disseminated anonymously on the Fiss website and social networks from April to July 2022, the organizers wanted to highlight a cross-section of society on sexual issues.

What are the opinions of Italians on some of the most popular issues, such as surgery of the private parts? The questions were answered by 816 people. Most were northern residents and female. More than half have a degree. More than 90% say they never thought about it, but almost everyone has heard of it. Labioplasty, circumcision, hymenoplasty and vaginal rejuvenation are among the best known and desired interventions. Less well known are G-spot augmentation, scrotal removal and penis lift.

“This type of surgery is often requested by people to feel in harmony with their body and live their sexuality serenely”, comments Caruso. However, over 80% of the sample declares that they have never undergone an operation and as many as 74% of the participants claim that they have never felt the need. Why is there still so much reluctance about cosmetic surgery of the private parts? Among the reasons, 96% declared fear of disapproval from friends and family.

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Those who reported having had surgery were driven by a dissatisfaction with their appearance and therefore eager to improve confidence and feel more attractive, increasing self-esteem and mood. Following the intervention, however, very few have seen a real benefit in their social life.

Sex, when it’s true love with the toy boy

by breaking latest news

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