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A woman at the top of the Medicines Agency: here are the names in pole position

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A woman at the top of the Medicines Agency: here are the names in pole position

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After the recent sensational resignation of Giorgio Palù, a woman is in pole position to take on the role of president of the Italian Medicines Agency. And the confirmation could arrive to coincide with Women’s Day – next March 8th – when the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci could reveal the name which in any case could end up on the table of the State Regions Conference already the day before (the nomination is by agreement with the Regions). Three names in pole position for the presidency, all with a solid CV.

President Palu’ leaves AIFA: “Unheeded by Schillaci”

A female nomination for the Aifa summit is coming soon

That of the presidency is a prestigious but also weighty position given that after the AIFA reform which came into force on January 30th the figure of the president has management and direction duties as well as being the body and legal representative of the Agency: the restyling of the drug Authority has in fact envisaged, among other things, the abolition of the figure of the general director, thus overcoming the “dyarchy” which in the past had sometimes slowed down its work. Among the names circulating for the presidency, in place of the resigning Giorgio Palù, is that of the pharmacologist Annalisa Capuano, professor at the “Luigi Vanvitelli” University of Campania. Capuano was, among other things, responsible for the pharmacovigilance of the Region and among the independent experts, again in pharmacovigilance, for the EMEA (the EU medicines agency). Among the other female names circulating for the presidency is that of Patrizia Popoli, director of the National Center for the Research and Evaluation of Medicines of the ISS, an authoritative figure who already has long experience at AIFA. Finally, an important curriculum also for Paola Minghetti, professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Milan and president of the Italian Society of Pharmaceutical Technology and Legislation as well as of the technology division of the Italian Chemical Society.

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All appointments to the new Medicines Agency

The new president will be supported by the newly appointed technical-scientific director Pierluigi Russo and the administrative director Giovanni Pavesi. Just as the members of the new scientific and economic drug commission have already been chosen: Lara Nicoletta Angela Gitto will chair it. The other names indicated by the Ministry of Health are Giancarlo Agnelli, Walter Marrocco and Vincenzo Danilo Lozupone. Ida Fortino is instead the component indicated by the Ministry of Economy. Elisa Sangiorgi, Giuseppe Toffoli and Giovanna Scroccaro are the names designated by the Regions. Finally, completing the team will be the technical-scientific director of the Agency and the president of the Higher Institute of Health Rocco Bellantone, or his delegate. With the appointment of the president, the drug agency finally becomes operational: «Soon there will be the appointment of the new president of AIFA and a timely and precise organizational chart, ready to face the challenges of pharma», confirmed the undersecretary of Cheers Marcello Gemmato.

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