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a woman dies, her husband and two children are injured

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A house explodes: a woman dies, her husband and two children are injured. Since just before 8 am today, Sunday 26 March, the firefighters have been operating in Via Gorghi, in Sant’Urbano, for an explosion which then caused a fire, which occurred inside a house for a probable escape of gas. The balance is very serious: a dead mother, two children and a father injured.

The facts

When the firefighters from Este, Rovigo and Padua arrived, the father with the two children was already outside the house. The firefighters began extinguishing operations, while other operators equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus entered the house, finding the woman who was taken out. Unfortunately, despite the help, the doctor had to declare his death. The children and the father were stabilized by the Suem health personnel. One of the minors was airlifted to hospital, the other two by ambulance. Serious damage to the house with some perimeter walls demolished. Reclamation operations and investigations are now underway to determine the causes of the explosion

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