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Abdominal pain | Run to the doctor if you have eaten this food – you can avoid the hospital

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Abdominal pain |  Run to the doctor if you have eaten this food – you can avoid the hospital

Pay attention to abdominal pain: if you have ingested this food you could run big health risks.

abdominal pain (source pexels)

Il pain in the abdomen it is one of the most commonly reported problems: whether it is menstrual cramps, gas in the intestine, or simply constipation, it is very easy to recognize it frequently. Sometimes, however, the stinging in the belly they tell us that some foods included in our diet are causing great damage to the body.

Let’s see which ones, and also discover why, sometimes, even the foods considered healthier and home-made, they can prove to be deleterious.

Abdominal pain and botulism – here’s the connection you didn’t expect

abdominal pain and botulism
abdominal pain and botulism (source pexels)

Usually home made food is synonymous with authenticity and absence of preservatives harmful. If consumed at the end of the preparation, home-made dishes certainly prove to be a panacea for the taste buds, digestive organs and wallets. In some cases, however, we must pay extreme attention to the conservation of the delicacies packaged within the walls of the house: they could expose us to dangerous pathology of botulism.

Botulism is configured as one severe intoxication caused by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, and this pathology can have very devastating consequences, such as respiratory paralysis and asphyxia. It can come in different forms: alimentary, infantile, adult and wounded. Today we see as one simple jam or preserves homemade can compromise our state of health irremediably.

Botox occurs as a consequence of the accumulation of clostridial toxins in the intestine, and symptoms usually appear after 18-36 hours from ingestion of foods that are toxic to the body. Specifically, if you love to produce preserves and jams at home, try to consume them as soon as possible. THE industrial productshowever rich in preservatives and additives, they certainly are more safe from a health point of view, and present no health risks. In fact, preservatives prevent foods from deteriorating, thus developing the Botox bacteria.

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The most easily recognized symptoms are: diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, difficulty swallowing and speaking and changes in vision. You may also experience dry mouth, drooping eyelids, paralysis and trouble breathing. In case you detect these alerts, you must immediately alert the health workers, accurately communicating the foods ingested and the timing of their preparation. Although healthy homemade foods are often considered the healthiest, let’s not forget that they naturally tend to deteriorate: therefore we pay the utmost attention!

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