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“Active school for inclusive Emilia-Romagna”, the deadlines for the application of tutors reopen

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“Active school for inclusive Emilia-Romagna”, the deadlines for the application of tutors reopen

Are you a graduate in Sport Sciences interested in being a Tutor in Emilia-Romagna schools that are still available? You can apply until 12.00 on 10 January 2023, by accessing the project website:

Sport and Health, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Regional School Office for Emilia-Romagna have joined forces to enhance the “Scuola Attiva kids” project. In particular, the Emilia-Romagna Region, recognizing the importance of motor activity in the 6-10 year age range carried out by a specialized figure and the validity of the contents of the national project “Scuola Attiva kids”, has strengthened the initiative for the I and II of the primary schools of its territory. To this end, the “Active School for kids for inclusive Emilia-Romagna” project was developed, thanks to which the School Sports Tutors will be present in classes from I to IV and will collaborate in the creation of many other proposals!

Lots of accessions from schools and now applications for Tutors are reopening.

The project in Emilia-Romagna includes:

o For classes from I to IV, motor activities, game-sports and sports orientation, carried out by the Tutors in the presence of the titular teacher.

Thanks to the synergy between the regional project “Scuola Attiva kids – for inclusive Emilia-Romagna” and the national project “Scuola Attiva kids”, schools in Emilia-Romagna can benefit from a specialized figure for all classes. The School Sports Tutor, with a degree in Sports Science and specially trained for this age group, directly supports motor and play-sport activities in classes I and II and motor and sports orientation in classes III and IV, in conjunction with the titular teacher. He also supports the teachers of all classes for the planning of motor and sporting activities and transversal proposals; acts as a link with the local sports world;

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o For the V classes, the project aims to create didactic, training and organizational collaborations with the new figure of the motor education teacher for primary school, foreseen for this school year in the V classes;

o A training course, with meetings and webinars accompanying tutors and teachers throughout the project;

o The teaching kit, already available and easily usable online, with proposals to be carried out during gym hours, at different times of the school day or in your free time;

o Innovative contents dedicated to active breaks, moments of activation and fun to be promoted at school, in the classroom or in other suitable spaces;

o The “AttiviAMOci” information campaign and the related contest;

o Insights on food education and correct lifestyles;

o Wellness Days, educational outings with physical activity and walks in a natural environment;

o The Final Games, organized in schools at the end of the project and “Active School” events. Opportunities for fun, sport and sharing!

For more info:

To apply as a School Sports Tutor for schools still available in the Emilia-Romagna Region:

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