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Adele convinces Spotify to take shuffle off albums

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“We would do anything for you,” Spotify wrote on Twitter. And the largest online music streaming platform has kept its promise by accepting Adele’s request to eliminate shuffle as the default listening method. From all the albums, and not just from 30, the latest work of the English singer just out and already at the top of all the charts. This does not mean that it will no longer be possible to listen to the tracks in random order, but that the standard setting for premium subscribers will involve listening to the discs in the order in which they were conceived. On Saturday, Adele revealed on Twitter that her only request for her new album was that Spotify remove the shuffle as the default option to respect her work and artistic vision.

Spotify’s shuffle option, the circle with the intertwined arrows, disappeared from all of Adele’s records on the platform on Sunday, including 30. And then also by those of all the other artists. Spotify commented on the decision: “As Adele wrote, we are thrilled to share that we have begun to implement a new Premium feature long-requested by both users and artists to make the default button ‘play’ on all albums. who still want to shuffle an album, can go to the Now Playing view and select the shuffle button. As always, we will continue to refine our products and features to create the best experiences for both artists and their fans. ” A brilliant move to pass as a premium feature an intrinsic feature of the albums, which have always been designed to offer the songs in a precise succession.

“This was the only request I had in our ever-changing industry! It’s not for nothing that we put so much care and attention on the lineup when we create an album,” tweeted Adele. “Our art tells a story and our stories should be heard the way we conceived them. Thanks Spotify for listening,” he wrote.

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The request of the singer was certainly not such as to worry Spotify, it did not question the business model or the remuneration to the artists, so for the Swedish company to welcome it was not so difficult. Adele won, art won, but only for those with a paid subscription: everyone else will have to continue to hear the music as it happens.


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