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Adele lost 30 kilos in one year, thanks to the Sirt diet? Here’s what ketogenic diets are and how they work

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Her fans did not believe their eyes when they saw the photos of their darling posted on Instagram that portrayed her in “shooting”, without her roundness anymore. A radical change that of Adele, the famous British singer who claimed to have lost 30 kg in one year. The hypotheses of this slimming then ran after each other. There has been talk of ketogenic diet, in particular the “Sirt diet”, although Adele herself stated on Vogue Uk that in reality the merit of this result was only tanta gym and eat a bit of everything.

But now the media effect on the alleged diet it provides elimination of sugars and saturated fats, in addition to reduction in portions of dairy products, has been around the web making many think that there is a safe and guaranteed way to lose (even many) extra pounds. “What has been said about this diet is nothing shocking but is what is required by a healthy and balanced diet, which includes whole grains and legumes (complex carbohydrates), ppresence or elimination of meat (not saturated fat) e reduction of dairy products as well as, of course, avherbs at will it’s a intelligent fruit consumption (more in summer, moderate in winter) ”, underlines Dr. Paolo Pigozzi, nutritionist and author of numerous works dedicated to proper nutrition. The result is that there is now a lot of talk about the Sirt diet, being founded on the action of sirtuins “definite ‘metabolic super regulators’ because affect our ability to burn fat, but also mood and even the mechanisms that regulate longevity ”, explains the expert.

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Media misunderstandings – A definition that in itself contains nothing wrong, except omitting that metabolic regulation actually depends on hundreds and probably thousands of substances taken with natural foods. “The journalistic habit of giving absolute superlatives to all the news that is considered interesting by the media in many cases falsifies the perception of the news itself, emphasizes Pigozzi. “For example, it has been read in some cases that a diet that includes extra virgin olive oil, dark chocolate, red wine, even tea and coffee; or strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, buckwheat, chilli, cabbage, rocket, etc. produces amazing results, especially on weight loss. But there is a more serious misunderstanding“, which? “That of confusing a normal weight loss diet – such as the one attributed to Adele – with high-protein diets, characterized by a strong reduction of foods that contain carbohydrates (cereals and fruit), but generally without major reflections on the quality of the same (for metabolism and even for a balanced weight loss, whole grains and refined ones are not the same), replaced with an increase in the consumption of protein foods “.

And where is the catch?
“Diets are that They produce spectacular, but generally temporary, weight loss results in a short time. In addition to a great effort by the liver and kidneys for the elimination of the nitrogenous waste generated by the excess of proteins from the body ”. It also happens to see done confusion between high-protein diets and ketogenic diets. It is again Dr. Pigozzi who explains to us that the latter increase the production of ketone bodies, metabolically significant substances with specific properties, especially against certain pathologies: headache and epilepsy refractory to normal therapies, some neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, ALS and multiple sclerosis, obesity and insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, fatty liver and metabolic syndrome in general, etc. And indeed, even ketogenic diets are diets with a reduced content of simple carbohydrates and with a proportional increase in protein and high-fat foods. But “more than diets in a broad sense, the ketogenic ones they are therapeutic tools to be used for a certain time to refine the therapy of some specific pathologies and, in any case, these are precisely treatments that, just like drugs, must be modulated on the patient’s needs “, emphasizes the doctor.

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Can we then count on a correct diet that produces some weight loss?
“In reality, a physiological diet, formulated taking into account scientific evidence and, if desired, also of tradition, already includes many of the characteristics considered ‘super’ or ‘miraculous’ in the diets of VIPs. Like, for example, the reduction / elimination of simple sugars (sucrose) and saturated fats (meat, cheese), the ample space for fruit and vegetables, the fundamental role of the daily consumption of whole grains and small quantities of legumes and oil seeds, important for the nutritional content, but also for the indispensable role in moderating the increase in postprandial glycaemia and therefore in reducing the increase in insulin and inflammatory indices. Conditions that favor the increased risk for all the diseases listed above “.

Let’s face it, once and for all, that there are no miracle diets.
“Miraculous are above all the complexity of our organism and at the same time the simplicity with which, in the vast majority of cases, a change in lifestyle can produce significant improvements on the state of health and on our perception of well-being”.

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