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Adobe’s New Free “Web Version” of Photoshop Coming Soon | HYPEBEAST

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Adobe’s New Free “Web Version” of Photoshop Coming Soon | HYPEBEAST

After the original release of Adobe Photoshop for the web in October last year, with the addition of updates and various tools, the web version of Photoshop has become more useful. Then, the official recently announced that it will launch a free version of Freemium, which will add a large number of editing tools and functions.

The new web version will include Curves, RefineEdge, Dodge and Burn, smart object conversion, the ability to create new projects directly on the web, and more. Additionally, the Freemium version starts to allow previously incompatible devices, such as Google Chromebooks, to use the app. Maria Yap, vice president of Adobe Digital Imaging, said of the upgrade: “We want to make Photoshop easier to use and make it easier for more people to try and experience the product. I want to see Photoshop available all the time, not just on high-end computers Use Photoshop.”

Adobe Photoshop Freemium web version is currently only open for testing in Canada and will be officially launched later this year. Interested readers can go to Photoshop Web Beta for more details.

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