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ADUC – Health – Article
Purchase guarantee

The pet is considered (still and unfortunately) a consumer good and as such its sale is governed by the Consumer Code.
In case a defect is found, the Consumer Code establishes that the buyer can ask, at his choice, to have the animal treated or can ask for a price reduction up to the extreme request of the animal’s replacement, receiving a refund of the price of purchase.
To enforce the guarantee, the “defect” is given as such within the first year of purchase, unless otherwise demonstrated by the merchant. The guarantee is valid for two years.

Obviously if the four-legged has been adopted, all this is useless. Adoption is a gesture of love that does not acquire rights to be transformed into revenge (to whom?) but duties.

Separation or divorce of the couple with whom he lived
In the Italian legal system there is still no law which establishes the custody of the pet in the event of separation or divorce. The choice must take place between the two spouses, who will choose, by mutual agreement, who should be entrusted with the pet.
In the absence of an agreement, the Judge may decide, who may also arrange for a shared assignment.

Apartment in condominium
No condominium regulation can prohibit the presence of pets in the condominium. Certain rules must be respected (e.g. prohibition of disturbing noise, responsibility of the owner/caretaker in case of damage, leash in common areas). Here are some articles on the subject

the association does not receives and is against public funding (also 5 per thousand)
Its economic strength are inscriptions and contributions donated by those who deem it useful


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