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Europol, the European Union’s criminal police office, has had what they call a good success for dealing a major blow to the so-called “Balkan Cartel”: 37 arrests in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Germany; the seizures: 148,000 euros in cash, eighteen firearms, including two machine guns, and 500 grams of TNT with remote triggering, 15 kilos of cocaine, 11 of heroin, 3 of amphetamines, 7 of marijuana and 10 of cannabis.

Operations of different sizes are frequent, both by national police forces and by Europol itself. This of the “Balkan Cartel” is characterized by its size and good coordination between national police forces.

Certificates of esteem and recognition of efficiency were expressed by politicians from all the states involved and beyond.

And now, what happens? We are all calmer because our kids (and others) will have less opportunity to buy drugs of all kinds on the corners of all the streets; there will be less crime; the desperate people who live hand to mouth with small drug dealing won’t do it anymore; the small and large drug traffickers will get scared and start doing other, perhaps legal, things; Will the police forces have fewer narcos in circulation and will be able to devote themselves more to our safety, for example, on the road?

None of this. On the contrary. Other narcos, who used to kill each other with those arrested today, today will have more possibilities and easier trafficking. Is the intermediate “manpower” (wholesalers) and for retail sales (drug dealers) always available or, perhaps, in the meantime have we given a house, a job, medical assistance to the various desperate people who are groping in the cities? Of course not! Have we given the peasant producers of Morocco, Colombia, Bangladesh or the hinterland of Calabria and Albania serene and economically satisfactory alternatives to refuse to cultivate and/or produce illegally the substances which they then entrust to drug traffickers? Of course not!

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So? Not only full stop, but better than before for criminals (and those who favor them even at an institutional level) and desperate people, all always there ready to occupy, even with blood and fire, the places in our “Balkan cartel”.

There is something that doesn’t add up in this mechanism of public order which becomes a harbinger of public and private, individual and collective disorder.
And until it is decided to break this mechanism by transforming the illegal market into a legal one, it will always be worse than this.

Of course, drugs alter our perceptions and, essentially thanks to the lack of controls on the dangerousness of products arriving on the black market, they can also do us a lot of harm. But why is our society that has lived on tobacco and alcohol – legal – for centuries not able to do the same with other drugs?

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