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ADUC – Health – Article
Argentina’s emerging cannabis industry has evolved at a rapid pace compared to other markets in recent months. In April 2022 the Argentine Ministry of Health has issued new rules relating to medical cannabis, allowing non-profit organizations to eventually obtain licenses.

About a month after Argentina approved a measure which created a framework for a stronger medical cannabis industry, including provisions to increase exports worldwide.

On the judicial front, the Argentine Supreme Court issued a decision in July 2022 which provides some legal protections for home cultivation by medical cannabis patients. Later in 2022, in October, Argentina released the nation’s first national license to produce medical cannabis.

In the same month the Argentine government launched a public company to provide seeds, testing and training to the emerging cannabis industry, and now the Argentine government has created an agency to oversee the emerging industry and hopefully help it reach its full potential. For InfoBae:

In the context of the law sanctioned last May through which the regulatory framework is created to start an industrial process with the cannabis plant in Argentina, finally this Monday the national government created the Regulatory Agency for the Hemp Industry and the medicinal cannabis (ARICCAME), the state body whose main task will be to convert the letter of the law into management.

For now, the regulatory decree signed by Juan Manzur, Head of Cabinet, and Sergio Tomás Massa, Minister of Economy, only announces the creation of ARICCAME and the appointment of its authorities. The first president in the history of the Agency will be the current mayor of the city of Castelli in Buenos Aires, Francisco Echarren. The vice-president will be Dr. Marcelo Morante, historic activist of the cannabis cause, and responsible for the functioning of the register of medicinal consumers of the national Ministry of Health.

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Argentina appears to have a keen eye on cannabis exports, with several comments in recent months from various leaders expressing a strong desire to make Argentina a major international supplier of medical cannabis products.

Only time will tell if that will actually happen, with Argentina coming a bit late among cannabis exporters. The country deserves credit for progressing rapidly in recent months, however, many other countries are already exporting medical cannabis products around the world. As such, Argentina needs to catch up.

(Hazel Norman her ICBC of 02/02/2023)

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