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ADUC – Health – Article
Court of Florence condemns the Municipality of Pisa to fix the uneven road that connects a hotel in Tirrenia, a summer residential center frequented by the blind, within 60 days

One of the two streets between the Olympic Beach Centro le Torri and the beach, is full of pitfalls and lacks maintenance, especially for the many blind people who frequent this summer residential centre. Over the years, petitions have also been presented to which the Municipality has never given credit, as well as various complaints.

We then arrived at the Court in Florence, where Daniela De Nuzzo, blind and a frequent visitor to the hotel, as well as consultant to Aduc on the rights of the disabled, filed a lawsuit for discrimination against the disabled.

The Municipality defended itself citing other works done in Tirrenia but was unable to dispute the state of abandonment and the pitfalls that the 2 routes between the hotel and the beach present. The judge’s order requires the streets to be made safe within 60 days.

“The Tribunal fully accepted our thesis”, says Atty. of Aduc Maria Barone who sponsored the cause, “confirming the existence of indirect discrimination. The judge confirmed that a rough road represents an architectural barrier for a blind person and that the lack of intervention by the municipality in fixing the road is an act of indirect discrimination. The documentation produced and our arguments punctually dismantled the opposing parties’ defenses piece by piece. It is an important precedent for the rights of disabled people.”

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