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The two episodes, which we refer to, seem so improbable, in their insane cruelty, that one is led to think that they are inventions. But both are featured in various media with broadly agreeing, if slightly different, versions.

The case of the dog
This first episode happened in November 2022, but was only brought to the attention of the public towards the end of last January, following a report from Brooklyn’s Animal Care Centers.
A family arrives at JFK airport in New York to embark with their dog, a female husky, on a flight, whose destination is not specified in the reports, and, realizing they do not have the necessary documents to fly even the animal, what do they do …?
They exit the terminal, tie their “best friend” to a pole, and leave without her.

An agent of the New York Police Department became aware of the desperate situation for the poor dog, who immediately intervened to rescue her and have her hospitalized, in fact, in the New York facility. The animal, who is called Kola in the articles, and who had shown bewilderment, seems to have settled quite well in her new home and is described as beautiful, adorable and obedient, capable of loving everyone – other dogs and even humans, for which it would be understandable if he had so much distrust at this point.
A very severe comment comes from the same shelter: “The actions of this family have left us speechless. Even a dog is a member of the family and abandoning it because of your mistake is truly regrettable. It’s a shame”.
While the police are investigating the abandonment, the property waiver has already been enforced to allow Kola to be adopted as soon as possible.

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(For a family who abandons their dog in front of the airport, vice versa, at the end of January, there is a master of four dogs who, having arrived in Istanbul, realizes that the airline has lost them and becomes desperate and cries like a cut screw).

But if this episode is very sad, because it demonstrates the insensitivity of a whole family towards their pet, what about the following one that has a human puppy as its victim?

The case of the newborn
What happened a few days ago at Tel Aviv’s “Ben Gurion” airport is definitely astounding.
Here on 31 January, a couple, with a Belgian passport, showed up late with their newborn baby at the check-in to board Ryanair’s flight FR4710 bound for Brussels. Having ascertained that the ticket for the child was missing, they were invited to buy it, but the couple refused, abandoned the seat with the child at the check-in, heading towards passport control and trying to board the plane, to the dismay of the present.
The behavior of the couple, so absurd, drew the attention of the airport authority who had her brought back to the check-in counter and called the police who proceeded to interrogate the two distorted parents.
The information we have stops at this point, which is why we don’t know what developments there have been since.
Certainly, at first glance, it comes to mind that parental authority should be revoked for such parents.

Two such ruthless abandonments within a few days, in two different and so distant airports and by people presumably of different cultures and habits are very disturbing.
What is striking is the nonchalance with which they were acted upon and, above all in the case of the abandonment of the child, also the stupidity of the parents. Could they really think they could get away with it?
Surely mankind has problems. And big.

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