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Advertising ban for cosmetic surgeries among young people

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The new regulation is to be attached to the Measles Protection Act as an amendment in the parliamentary procedure.

The Medicines Advertising Act already contains a ban on advertising for surgical plastic surgery procedures with comparative representations of the physical condition or appearance before and after the procedure. In addition, advertising measures that are aimed exclusively or predominantly at children under the age of 14 are prohibited. Since this regulation does not protect the age group from 14 years of age, a general advertising ban for surgical plastic surgery procedures without medical necessity is to be introduced in the Medicines Advertising Act to protect young people.

Every surgical procedure poses health risks. Especially the age group of young people, who are very receptive to topics such as ideals of beauty and appearance, should be protected from advertising measures that have the subject of changes by means of surgical plastic surgery interventions without medical necessity. Corresponding advertising that is primarily or exclusively aimed at young people is therefore prohibited. This applies to all advertising measures, including those in social networks.

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