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Advertising spend on the Amazon Sponsored Display format increased by 39% in Italy

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Amazon Sponsored Display ad spend increased 14% in Europe as advertisers spread their budget across multiple top funnel businesses and Amazon adds new targeting options, according to the latest data [richiede registrazione] of the eCommerce advertising and intelligence company, Perpetua.

Since consumers prefer online channels for product discovery, it is imperative that brands optimize their strategy on Amazon and make the shopping experience as easy as possible.

At the same time, brand building on Amazon has become more popular and this means that placements on Amazon-owned video platforms, such as Fire TV and IMDb, have grown. Rethinking this brand activity in the rise of digital commerce will be a key challenge for marketers.

Advertising spend on the Amazon Sponsored Display format increased by 14% in Europe, with Italy, Germany and the UK seeing double-digit increases. In particular, investments in Italy grew by as much as 39%.

Sponsored Brands had the best ROAS performance in Q3 2021 and continues to be “one of the most engaging and efficient ad units.”

In the face of these dynamics, ad prices on Amazon continue to rise. As for our country, the CPC [cost per click] Sponsored Products average grows by 13%. That of Sponsored Brands by 6% and that of Sponsored Display by 18%.

The fact of paying only for clicks, but not for views, like Google, but not like Facebook, where instead, as we know, it is possible to conduct campaigns aimed at displaying a certain message, constitutes a sure competitive advantage, as he points out. Amazon itself.

Above all, it is the possibility of having promotional messages within the same platform in which one’s products are sold, which could only be of great appeal for companies. And it is these days Amazon’s announcement of eight advertising and measurement solutions that “help brands create authentic connections with customers and grow their businesses.”

And in fact, according to Amazon’s recent Q3 results report, Amazon’s advertising revenues continue to grow, and weigh on the company’s total revenue.


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