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African swine fever, National surveillance and eradication plan 2023

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African swine fever, National surveillance and eradication plan 2023

Italy has also adopted for 2023 a plan for the surveillance and eradication of African swine fever (ASF) as required by current legislation. The Plan was sent to the European Community on 31 May 2022 for approval and admission to co-financing of the expenses incurred for the implementation of the envisaged measures.

The Plan aims to:

  • protect the national pig herd from the ASF virus

  • prevent the infection from spreading and being transmitted from feral pigs, where it is currently only present, to domestic pigs

  • contain the infection within the current infected areas (Piedmont, Liguria, Lazio)

  • progressively reduce the area of ​​viral circulation, also through the installation of artificial barriers or strengthening of natural barriers in order to contain the populations of infected wild boars that spread the virus with their movements.

The Plan therefore contemplates the measures envisaged by the European regulations in force in the event of disease in wild boars and/or pig farms. Specifically, the application of measures aimed at eradication in the areas affected by the ASF, and of surveillance measures in the free areas is envisaged. The part relating to eradication in the Sardinia region, where the disease has been present for many years, and where therefore an eradication plan was already in place, taking into account that in mainland Italy the disease has only been present since 2022, is an integral part of the Plan.

Consultation African swine fever – National surveillance and eradication plan 2023

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