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After “Battlefield 2042” was released, the chief designer of the “Battlefield” series resigned | 4Gamers

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After the launch of the new FPS game “Battlefield 2042” developed by DICE this year, due to various bugs and deficiencies, many players have cursed and received mostly negative reviews from Steam’s 50,000 comments. score. However, it was reported today that Fawzi Mesmar, the chief designer in charge of the series, left after finishing “Battlefield 2042”.

Fawzi Mesmar previously served as the director of King studio. Since 2019, he has served as the chief designer of DICE. He has more than 80 game designers under his staff. His works include “Battlefield 2042”, “Battlefield V”, “Star Wars Battlefield Frontline 2” “.


However, if you think that Fawzi Mesmar was kicked or resigned because the game was too bad, it would be wrong. According to a foreign media VGC report, Fawzi Mesmar mentioned in the last letter to his colleagues that the main reason for his resignation is that he was poached. , The new owner gave him a salary that he could not refuse, and he also thoughtfully waited for him to finish “Battlefield 2042”.

And Fawzi Mesmar also thanked all his partners in the letter, and his next job is in Stockholm. DICE should announce the new design director in the near future, while EA stated that his resignation will not affect the subsequent updates of Battlefield 2042.


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