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Aging and dementia: this technological device will save your loved ones | New research confirms its success

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Aging and dementia: this technological device will save your loved ones |  New research confirms its success

Technological device against dementia – www.newsvideogame.it

Cases of senile dementia are growing, but new research has studied the success of a technological device in slowing down the development of the disease: the data is surprising

Senile dementia, as well as Alzheimer’s, These are pathologies that are constantly growing in our country. This exponential increase in cases is on the one hand attributed to the average lengthening of life which places society faced with pathologies that previously did not have time to develop, on the other hand it also marks the change and evolution of the diseases of the century. Several studies have demonstrated a real correlation between intestinal disorders and Alzheimer’s.

Apparently, people who have had more intestinal disorders during their lives, such as dysbiosis, are also those who will encounter neurodegenerative problems earlier in life. The intestine-brain connection has been studied for centuries now, and over time this particular union that links the two organs and makes them strictly dependent on the other has become increasingly deeper, so much so that the intestine is defined as the second brain.

In addition to the issue related to the link between the two bodies, some recent research concluded in Denmark has instead demonstrated a close correlation between hearing loss and senile dementia may begin to appear as an alarm bell to be analyzed to anticipate the progression of the disease before its full development through the use of some simple technological tools.

The study on the device capable of limiting the development of senile dementia: the excellent results of the Danish team

The study was published in the industry journal Jama Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, and demonstrated that a simple tool such as a hearing aid is able to slow down or avoid the development of senile dementia. In fact, for some years the correlation between hearing difficulties in elderly people and the development of dementia has been investigated.

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Hearing aid to fight dementia – www.newsvideogame.it

The study hypothesized that gradual hearing loss could represent a real risk factor for the development of the pathology. The Danish research team thus drew on a huge database with data on the hearing of people aged 50 and over. The results of the studies are decidedly encouraging. The researchers have in fact discovered chand older people with gradual hearing loss who did not use a hearing aid were up to 20% more likely to develop dementia compared to people without hearing loss.

Those who used the device had only a 6% chance of developing dementia, about as likely as a person without hearing loss.. All this therefore seems to suggest that starting to use a hearing aid reduces the probability of running into dementia problems in the long term by a good percentage. At the moment there are no causal inferences but it is important now to start from this study for further research in this regard.

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