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Aging well: women’s fears at 50

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Aging well: women’s fears at 50

The results of a survey on aging on a sample of 200,000 women around the age of 50. Data on what are the most common fears and advice to face them and learn how to manage them

Inget old it’s scary, there’s no denying it. There is no need to argue that 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40. Or that “today’s 50-year-olds are Perennials, sexy, more aware and beautiful than those of previous generations. And that women live longer than men. The passage of time necessarily leads to ageing, and this means in many cases be afraid to change, get sickI be aware that they have not achieved their dreams, having to deal with illness and physical and mental decay. It is a sentiment that unites all generations, without distinction of gender. This and all aspects of aging are discussed in the new bSoul Communitywhere over 200,000 women discuss these issues online

Getting old, a shared fear

Even men are afraid of getting old. This is demonstrated by the new cosmetic and non-cosmetic products that have been invading the men’s market for some years, from anti-aging creams and serums to sports and youth clothing and accessories that aim to lower the image by a few shine. The social pressure however, the one that women experience as the years go by is always greater and is linked to an idea of ​​constructed aesthetics, which wants to fight the signs of aging at all costs

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What are the reasons for the fear of getting old

From a survey carried out on over 50, bSoul was able to ascertain what women’s fears are and above all what aspects of aging are linked to. The survey revealed that the fear of aging is strictly linked to physical and aesthetic decay for 42%, while 26% are afraid of typical diseases of aging. As many as 24% on the other hand, fear they have not had or not having the time to realize your dreams or plans and 9% finally, are afraid of judgment of others.

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What is most frightening is the physical and aesthetic change of the face with 56%, followed by the body change with 17%, the decline in desire with 4% and the set of physical changes, which reminds us that “time is running out”, with 24%

Growing old outside, but inside…

«Analysing these data, it is important to underline how close the fear of disease and not having achieved one’s dreams are, in terms of percentage. At the same time, it is as relevant as the face change is the thing that worries us the most. One of the users expressed this data in a truly significant way: “inside I feel the same as I did 20 years ago, then I look in the mirror and what I see does not coincide with what I feel inside!”, she says Martina Bindi, longtime beautician, creator of the “Beauty without makeup at 50” method and the bSoul line of natural cosmetics

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Don’t call it an anti-aging method

Martina Bindi is in fact the spokeswoman for a new movement, thepro-aging approachan approach that «comes from the awareness of having all the tools available to model the aging process, working in a simple and effective way on what we can improve and accepting with serenity and a touch of irony what we cannot change. This approach aims to intervene on the skin without invasive methods and products, supporting every woman in skincare in an active and conscious way, with the aim of appearing healthy, balanced, luminous and with less visible wrinkles», explains Martina Bindi.

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Aging with grace and harmony

“When I talk about fifties, what I mean is a symbolic age: it can be forty, sixty or seventy, it doesn’t matter. I’m referring to that exact one moment in life when we begin to sum upin which we see important changes in our life and in ours body. In aging research it is important not only to focus on the concept of loss and/or mourning, but also on the parameters of a good ageing. I see myself more beautiful today than ten years ago! I am more aware of who I am and who I want to become», concludes Martina Bindi

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