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Agreement for tent and hall. The agreement was signed with the Municipality of Latina

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Agreement for tent and hall.  The agreement was signed with the Municipality of Latina

The council of the mayor Matilde Celentano approved, on the indications of the councilor for Sport Andrea Chiarato, the agreement scheme with “Sport and Health spa” which will allow the company to promote sporting activities, with a view to inclusion, and to assist the organization in the construction of works and new facilities planned by the municipal administration.

«The agreement – announces the Municipality – will facilitate the institution in the regeneration of the building in Via dei Mille, currently closed due to unusability, with the consolidation of the basement, the estimated amount necessary is around 1.7 million euros, and in the construction of a new facility in the Q4 district, adjacent to the outdoor structure financed with the Pnrr, capable of hosting various competitive and amateur disciplines to meet the various requests received from residents, citizens’ associations and sports clubs to encourage and promote sporting activities and of social inclusion”. This is a step forward towards the creation of sports facilities, which are increasingly lacking in Latina. “Sport,e Salute spa” is an Italian public company, 100% owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance which deals with sport in Italy.

«The agreement with the Municipality of Latina is a novelty at a national level, which is unprecedented» underlined the mayor Celentano. «The council resolution, approved this afternoon, responds – explained Celentano – to the need to resolve, in the shortest possible time, the problem relating to the lack of sports facilities, particularly accentuated by the closure due to unusability of the sports hall in Via dei Mille» . “The agreement – added councilor Chiarato – is part of a system of strategies that the municipal administration is implementing to overcome the critical issues relating to sports facilities”.

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The technicians explained that the work integrates with that already underway regarding the internal and external swimming pool. The repair criterion consists in caging the 53 damaged pillars with steel structures and pouring a particular cement inside to give the structure an adequate life back. At the same time, seismic improvement interventions will also be carried out. All operations for which a large part of the resources still need to be found and it is on this level that the administration is moving on various fronts.

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