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Alain Delon, how he is and his illness/ After stroke, discovery of “slowly evolving” lymphoma: palliative care and…

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Alain Delon, how he is and his illness/ After stroke, discovery of “slowly evolving” lymphoma: palliative care and…


How is Alain Delon e what we know about lymphoma, the form of blood cancer that struck the French film star? This afternoon, during the new episode of “Verissimo” that we are about to see, he will be in the studio, guest for an exclusive interview with the landlady, Silvia Toffanin, Anouchka, the second daughter of the transalpine actor and director to talk about her father’s health conditions and the painful – and certainly not edifying for public opinion – dispute between her and her brothers on Alain’s fate, between the choice of the 33-year-old of French-Dutch origins to take him to Switzerland with her and the opposition of her half-brother Anthony, who Anouchka herself and her father want to sue for his recent statements. And if in another piece today we mention this ‘battle’ entirely within the Delon family, here instead we retrace the latest health events of the 88-year-old icon of French cinema.

As is known, already in 2019 Alain Delon he had taken a serious hit to his health due to a stroke and a mild cerebral hemorrhage from which, consistent with his age, he was slowly recovering. In the past, among other things, the actor originally from Sceaux had reiterated on several occasions that he did not want to slowly fade away, admitting that he wanting to undergo euthanasia: However, in recent times the news that Delon has been diagnosed with cancer has led to some internal conflicts within his family erupting. The 88-year-old would in fact be suffering from lymphoma, or a blood tumor“slowly evolving”: obviously, beyond the news leaked to the press and the opinions of the experts called to comment on the case, no predictions can be made given that the results of the tests to which he was subjected are not known nor what form of lymphoma is that affected him and the therapies he would be undergoing.

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“I want to die, my life is over now”: these are the words spoken by Alain Delon last summer during a medical examination which caused quite a stir, recently denied by Anthony. Already debilitated by the stroke that struck him almost four years ago, the French actor, according to some, would no longer have the strength to continue like this and the diagnosis of this form of cancer would have accentuated, according to what we read from the reconstructions made by the press, in man a mental and physical fatigue. It was the eldest son, Anthony, who provided the first details about the illness, and later it was the lawyer hired by the second daughter Anouchka who spoke out and who, speaking of some investigations, had referred to the discovery of “a suspicious spot on the lung”with doctors’ suspicions later confirmed.

To make the picture even more complex, we reiterate that not all the details are known both at the level of the Delon’s health condition and the way in which the treatment is proceeding, it would be the aforementioned dispute between Anouchka and Anthony (with the latter threatened with a defamation lawsuit by the parent for having “damaged my reputation”) but also the 88-year-old’s choice not to undergo any aggressive therapeutic treatment at his age which, according to the person concerned, would only weaken him even more. Declared lucid and capable of understanding and wanting (contrary to what his sons Anthony and Alain-Fabien would claim), he now expects to know the fate of the actor who, for his part, would live in Switzerland precisely to be able to undergo euthanasia when the time comes: “From a certain age , from a certain moment, you have the right to leave peacefullywithout going through hospitals, injections and so on (…) I am in favor of euthanasia, I live in Switzerland where the procedure is legal, and also because I think it represents the most logical and natural thing to do” he told a local TV .

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