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Albatros Volleyball remains without a gym

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Albatros Volleyball remains without a gym

TREVISO – The “guardian” of Mazzotti gym falls, hits his head and ends up in a coma. In the city there is apprehension about the employee’s health conditions but the controversy over the management of sports facilities is also raging. Blowing the dust is the Albatros volleyball club, suddenly left without a gym. Enough to go up on the barricades by renewing the appeal to the junta for a redistribution of the gyms. «We are heartbroken for the caretaker – says the company – but this closure only creates enormous discomfort for the 250 girls who have entrusted themselves to us. We are exhausted.”


But let’s go in order. The 60-year-old from Treviso, from Pulitori e affini spa (which has a contract for cleaning the gyms in 19 Treviso schools), has been in a coma for a week after the serious injury he suffered in the Mazzotti gym. The man is hospitalized in intensive care at Ca ‘Foncello with a worrying head injury following the fall that occurred while he was removing basketball hoops. The injury dates back to last Monday but only emerged in the last few hours. The 60-year-old, in a pharmacological coma, would have undergone at least two operations in these seven days. According to an initial reconstruction, the man would have used the volleyball referee’s chair to climb up and operate a crank placed above the door of the gymnasium at a height of two meters so as to raise the baskets and prepare the volleyball field. Spisal is investigating the accident, with the aim of ascertaining the causes and possible responsibilities. Meanwhile, the number of serious accidents at work since the beginning of the year has risen to three. On Friday, a 43-year-old worker employed by an external company fell from the roof of Ser.Tec in Roncade: his conditions remain critical. On Monday the drama in the Le Bandie di Spresiano quarry, where a 31-year-old worker died suffocated under the gravel.

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The injury in the gym had a series of repercussions on city sport. «On Friday morning the Municipality suddenly informed us of the closure of the Mazzotti gym – explains the Albatros company -. At 19.45 the match valid for the round of 16 provincial Under 16 finals was scheduled, and only thanks to the collaboration of Volley Treviso was it possible to find another approved gym to play the match in less than 8 hours. The risk was of having to lose her at the table. We are scattered across 5 gyms, almost all school gyms, with all the inconvenience this entails. For years we have been asking the junta for a different distribution of the gyms in the area, so that all companies in turn can enjoy the advantages of certain situations. Instead it remains unchanged. If the situation does not change, the 50th birthday could have been the last». The deputy mayor Andrea De Checchi replies: «The gym is closed for the investigations related to the accident. Meetings are already scheduled to make up for the momentary discomfort, in concert with the Province, which owns the property, and the school. The calendar of assignments for sports facilities can always be improved. At this moment it seems to us the best possible, taking into account the needs of the numerous sports clubs ». However, the jab of the candidate for mayor Giorgio De Nardi arrives on the subject: «Treviso, European city of Sport 2022, cannot afford to wear out those who animate amateur sport with a thousand difficulties and to disappoint 250 girls who love their sport. The real Treviso of every day can be found in the (few and very real) suffering gyms, not in the glittering self-celebratory Christmas cards».

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