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Alberto talks about his health conditions

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Alberto talks about his health conditions

Charlene of Monaco she has not yet fully recovered from the very serious nose, throat and ear infections that struck her more than a year ago and from which she nearly died. To reveal it is the same Alberto who spoke for the first time of his wife’s illness since he resumed his work for the Palazzo.

Charlene of Monaco, the long illness

Albert of Monaco in a long interview with Monaco Morning broke the silence on the real health conditions of Charlene of Monaco, revealing that she has not fully recovered yet. Certainly, she has made great strides towards her recovery but her illness has left deep traces on her and this is evident, despite the fact that she has attended several public events.

In 2021 Charlene of Monaco was struck by a serious infection which forced her to stay in South Africa for months, away from her husband and children, because she could not take the plane back to Monte Carlo. In that time she underwent three operations under general anesthesia, she could not eat solid food and had lost a lot of weight. Some friends of the Princess said that she almost died.

The illness it deeply debilitated Charlene both physically and psychologically, so much so that when she returned to the Principality in November 2021, she was forced to be admitted to a private clinic in Switzerland to recover. Since last spring she was finally able to go back to work and she started attending some public events.

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We recently spotted her at the National Day and 2022 Rugby Awards gala where she wore a jeweled shirt by Dior. She also managed to travel. She went to Paris for the fashion shows in September, she accompanied Alberto to New York for the Grace Kelly awards and attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in London.

Charlene of Monaco, how is she really: Alberto speaks

Alberto commented as follows: “I am very glad that his health has improved and may be present at many events”, but this does not mean that she is definitively healed. In fact, the Prince however added that the recovery process is still long: “Sometimes she is very tired. He still needs time to recover and to be able to make other commitments. But she will ”.

What Alberto declared therefore justifies his prolonged absences between one event and another. There is no couple crisis or palace tensions, but only the still precarious health conditions of the Princess. This would also explain why she sometimes appears detached and impatient, with a forced smile that is obviously not circumstantial, but is due to Charlene’s struggle to appear in public even if she is not feeling well yet.

Albert of Monaco, confession about his children

Alberto also talked about the twins, Jacques e Gabriella. He said they are “very mature” and that it is “amazing to watch them grow”. The children are very united and this is good, the Prince underlined, because Gabriella “will have a leading role and she will have to be as prepared as possible to help her brother” and share her responsibilities.

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