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Alcohol test for driving the scooter

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Alcohol test for driving the scooter

Alcohol test for scooters: it is a unique innovation for the sector, just launched by Bolt, a micro-mobility startup that has over 100 million customers in 45 countries and in 500 cities in Europe and Africa. It works like this: users must pass a test as soon as they try to scan the QR code on scooters. It’s a small test, but check the reaction speed: those who want to rent a scooter must touch the images that appear on the smartphone screen quite quickly, otherwise the rental is blocked and comes a lecture on road safety.

The obligation for users to have to undergo an alcohol test before driving a Bolt scooter is for now in the night hours (00: 00-04: 00) on Fridays and Saturdays, but it does not necessarily mean that the service is always extended. On the other hand, reducing the number of users who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs is now a “mission” for every mobility operator.

The case

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Bolt itself on the other hand boasts of having a single accident for 80,000 km traveledi “and this – they explain – makes us one of the safest scooter operators in the world”.

Of course, Bolt’s commitment to safety is important: on its website it is possible to follow a real “school” for driving scooters where the basic rules are also indicated to make the driving experience of users safe, but above all to respect all other road users as well as the urban areas where the scooters travel and stop.

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Finally, given thehated habit of abandoning scooters everywhere, Bolt is working to develop a verification system relating to the parking carried out. Thanks to the support artificial intelligence, soon, it will be possible to receive confirmation in real time that the place where the scooter has been parked is suitable for this purpose, thus allowing Bolt – in the event of incorrect parking – to promptly request the user to reposition the vehicle or, in in the event that the user does not cooperate, to promptly appoint their local team.

Tech Test

Nilox M1, the test of the scooter with arrows

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“Bolt – explained to us Fabio Re, Bolt’s Country Manager Italy – wants to make safety one of its distinctive elements. In addition to promoting the use of shared scooters and e-bikes to reduce city traffic, Bolt’s intentions are to spread the adoption of good use practices on a large scale so that micro-mobility represents a real advantage for cities and citizens who live there. We invest heavily in innovation to make our vehicles increasingly safe and respectful of the urban environment “.

Tech Test

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