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all about polio, turbulence and gout

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all about polio, turbulence and gout

Some diseases seemed to be permanently behind us. Recently, however, some that were thought to have disappeared have reappeared. But what did this new comeback bring?

The health sector has been severely tested with the arrival of the coronavirus. The moments that the pandemic gave will surely not be forgotten. The entrance of the Covid on the world stage, however, it has brought some diseases to the margins. In this case, however, what has been reported is the return of diseases that had disappeared.

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The arrival of Covid seems to have brought, in addition to the recent viruses, also a whole series of diseases and viruses back among us. Viruses that had completely disappeared for over 30 years and are present again today. In recent days, the return of polio has been reported. Which led the World Health Organization to recommend vaccination. Polio revealed itself to New Yorka London e Jerusalem.

Thus, the situation on viruses and diseases continues to hold ground. It does this not only with recent and new evolutions but also with enemies that seemed beaten. Let’s go, then, to see in detail which diseases have returned to the surface again.

Diseases present again, from gout to turbeculosis: also boom of mumps and rosalia

There are many cases of “historical” diseases in which they have emerged and which seem to have returned to us. From the scarlet fever al measles until you get to the gotta and to tuberculosis. Many, in this regard, wonder what triggered this return.

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Polio isn’t the only comeback that has occurred. The director of the World Health Organization, in Europe, has revealed that the viruses of this disease from vaccines have been reported in Israel, Ukraine, United Kingdom e Tajikistan. As for gout, we have to go back to the period of lockdowns. At that time, many people consumed more products take away. This is because this disease affects those who eat fatty products and alcohol. In this case, it is understood why gout has once again become worrying.

Some cases of tuberculosis have been highlighted in Wales. This disease affects the lungs and leads to coughing up blood and weight loss. But that’s not all because in the last year there have been so many cases of rosalia, measles e mumps. These diseases have grown in popularity due to the few MMR vaccines administered.

This drop in vaccinations was due to the presence of Covid. This scenario has led the WHO to speak of an 80% increase in measles. In summary, the return of most of the diseases that were outdated was due either to a lowering of attention to vaccines or to wrong hygiene or dietary behaviors. The feeling, then, is that we should get used to more and more of these viruses.

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