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All regional nurses are already employed: Michael Moskal reveals how …

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All regional nurses are already employed: Michael Moskal reveals how …

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Michael Moskal and David Neumann are the managing directors of the recruiting agency Pflegekraft.de. Together with their team, they have specialized in actively supporting companies in the care sector in recruiting employees and in receiving significantly more applications from qualified specialists. In the following article, Michael Moskal explains how nursing services and inpatient facilities can fill vacancies.

The need for personnel in the care sector is constantly growing, but since the corona pandemic at the latest, the situation has become almost unbearable for companies. Many professionals have turned their backs on the industry or are regularly absent for health reasons because they have to bear the increasing workload. At the same time, the labor market for nursing professionals has been swept clean. However, the nursing companies do not simply have to accept this: “There are many nursing professionals in the industry who are already employed but are basically willing to change employers,” says Michael Moskal. “With targeted strategies and the right approach, these employees can be motivated to change careers and apply to their own care company.”

With their method, the experts from Pflegekraft.de have already been able to support more than 200 care companies nationwide in generating more successful applications from qualified specialists in the care sector. With digital solutions and sophisticated recruiting strategies, they ensure that their customers are better known to the nursing staff in their region and are perceived as an attractive employer. In the following, recruiting expert Michael Moskal reveals how nursing homes and mobile services can still find enough suitable applicants even in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

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Involve your own employees

Many nursing care companies regularly place advertisements in print media or on job platforms, but do not make full use of the other available channels. So the classic recommendation must not be forgotten. After all, employees in the care sector in particular often exchange information with other care workers in the region or employees from care-related professions and are networked accordingly.

In order to persuade their own employees to make a recommendation, companies would do well to offer their employees attractive working conditions and to cultivate friendly cooperation. It is important to identify the needs of your employees and to meet them in the best possible way. As a result, satisfied employees will recommend their own employer to others and thus be able to convince permanent employees of a change.

Strengthening of the employer brand through presence on social platforms

However, the possibilities of word of mouth are also exhausted after a while, but the regional pool of applicants can be enlarged in a further step through a targeted approach. Advertisements and job advertisements are still essential for effective personnel recruitment. Instead of relying on conventional channels such as print media or classic job portals, companies should break new ground.

It is important to identify its advantages, optimize them and communicate them openly to the outside world by means of targeted campaigns in order to establish an attractive employer brand and convince nursing professionals. It is crucial to display your ads where they actually reach potential candidates – and today that is above all social media. After all, many workers spend a large part of their free time here. The digital ads can also be enriched with appealing texts, graphics and videos in order to provide an authentic insight and gain the trust of the target group.

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Active action by management

Ultimately, however, care companies should not limit themselves to passive employee recruitment and wait until the applications arrive. Instead, it is important to train those responsible to become active themselves and to specifically address nursing professionals in the region. As soon as the contact details are known through verbal recommendations, entries in the newsletter or contact requests, it is worth listening and asking if you are interested in an attractive job. In addition, it is advisable to find out about the desired benefits in order to optimize your employer image in the long term and to offer the skilled workers the best conditions. Contact should also be sought if the applicant has not been heard from again – this way you will be remembered and increase your chances of receiving feedback.

Nursing companies that implement the aspects mentioned for themselves will soon be able to generate high-quality applications and fill their vacancies.

Do you run a company in the care sector and want to receive significantly more applications from qualified care professionals again – without having to rely on temporary employment agencies and recruitment agencies? Then register now Michael Moskal from Pflegekraft.de and arrange a free consultation!

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