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All the beneficial effects of walking in the cold: how to make the most of it

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All the beneficial effects of walking in the cold: how to make the most of it

Discover all the benefits of walking in the cold. Here’s how to use it the right way.

Do you also dream of getting back in shape in time for the Christmas holidays? Of course, going on a diet during this festive period is not an easy task, given the Christmas desserts and dishes that are already starting to appear on the tables during these first days of December. However, sport can be of extreme help both these days and during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Walking in the cold, all the benefits – (Sulmonaoggi.it)

When you need to lose weight, doing physical activity can sometimes be even more useful than a drastic diet, as it allows you to shed extra pounds in complete health. One of the best ways to do it, without making too much effort is walking in the cold. If walking is a great way to shed a few pounds, the cold will be even more helpful in helping us achieve this goal. So let’s see why we should take advantage of this time of year to go for some nice walks in the cold.

Walking in the cold: why it’s good for your health

Walking in extremely cold outside temperatures can bring a lot benefits to our body, including losing weight. He took care of showing them to us Dr. Flavio Doni, a marathon runner and cardiologist responsible for the rhythmology clinic of Athaena Center. As the doctor explains, walking outdoors during the coldest days allows you to raise vitamin D levels generally lower in our body during the winter period.

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The ideal would be to go out early in the morning for a nice drink walk of approximately 40 minutes, or even after lunch, so as to also aid digestion, as long as you are well covered and have not eaten too heavily, otherwise you could risk congestion. In addition to increasing vitamin D levels, a brisk walk in the cold also allows you to stimulate the release of greater hormones and neurotransmitters as the serotonin and endorphins which also improve mood.

Furthermore, the cold puts stress on our metabolism which thus responds in an increased way to stimuli, thus allowing us to lose more weight. The cardiologist also explains in detail why more weight is lost in the cold: with lower temperatures the body has a greater need to burn energy in order to keep the body temperature regular. Simply put, the cold will only help us burn calories, without us making excessive physical effort.

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