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all the symptoms, boom after Easter

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all the symptoms, boom after Easter

Colds, many stomach aches and pains. Easter and Easter Monday left an immediate mark, thanks to the ‘dancing climate’ of the weekend, some lightness with regards to nutrition, with meals consumed outside the home, and the gastrointestinal viruses that are circulating in this period and which have ‘taken advantage’ of family gatherings or with friends. «Since this morning there have been numerous calls and requests from patients in our offices and they focus primarily on gastrointestinal problems, but also, albeit to a lesser extent, on colds due to the notable temperature variations that have occurred in many areas of the Peninsula. tested”, explains Silvestro Scotti, general secretary of the Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg), to beraking latest news Salute.

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Stomach flu, how long does it last?

During these holidays, the family doctor reports, “some excess food has occurred at a time when a para-flu form is circulating which creates gastroenteritis with vomiting, very severe abdominal pain, loss of fluids and high fever”. Conditions that generally resolve within 48 hours. The important thing – underlines Scotti – is to make citizens understand that, even if the symptoms are marked, the main remedies are the symptomatic ones and that antibiotics should not be used, unless specifically indicated by the doctor, because these are viral events” . Basically you need to «correct your diet, hydrate yourself to recover fluids and mineral salts. If there is vomiting, drink in small quantities.”

How to get sick

Colds, however, continues secretary Fimmg, «are linked to the large temperature variations we are seeing. We went from hot days to cold and humid evenings. The main prevention advice is to invite adults – and especially frail elderly people – to do like children, i.e. dress like an onion. Don’t cover yourself with clothes that are too heavy above and too light below, so you go from sweaty to cold. Better to put on a light jacket, a jacket underneath, a sweater and a shirt, a cotton shirt. In short – suggests Scotti – create the various layers and then adjust based on the changing environment or the varying temperatures”.

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