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Also in Udine it will be goodbye to the super quiz to enter Medicine

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Also in Udine it will be goodbye to the super quiz to enter Medicine

The aspiring students of the medical School of Uniud can breathe a sigh of relief. Not only in Udine but in all Italian universities, starting in 2022 the Entry test will have few questions of general knowledge. Their number will be scaled down in favor of quizzes logical reasoning and numerical reasoning. A second disciplinary part will then be made up of questions on physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Always present the closed number. In 2021, 150 places were available at the University of Udine for a total of 430 candidates. From 2023, on the other hand, it changes drastically. This was announced by the Minister of University and Research, Cristina Messa to the Corriere della Sera. The maximum number of members is not eliminated, but “it will no longer be a quiz, but a real one pathwhich can begin already in the fourth year of high schoolwith free online courses prepared by universities and self-assessment tests. And the test can be repeated up to four times in order to then use the best score “.

How it works in 2022

In September 2022 the entrance test to the Faculty of Medicine: “will still be very similar to previous years – explained the minister Cristina MessaIt will be face-to-face and on paper, but with some adjustments. The part of the questions of general knowledge will be reduced, those of logical reasoning remain and then the rest will be disciplinary. From next May the universities will supply online materials for the exercises that can be downloaded free of charge by students to prepare “. Also, in August they are scheduled for aspiring students of the “real preparation courses, always online and free, edited by universities. Anyone who wants can also do a self-assessment testthe result of which will remain only available to the student himself“.

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What changes from 2023

From the starting school year in 2023, however, the procedures for accessing the Faculty of Medicine will totally change. A new exama Tolc (already in operation for other universities, such as engineering) that students will be able to face at least twice a year starting from the fourth year of high school, to then use for the purposes of future rankings the best score obtained. “There will no longer be the nightmare day of the competition”assures the minister Mass. “Each candidate makes his own path that leads him to take a Tolc exam, it will be called Tolc-Medicine. It can be done several times a year starting from the fourth year of high school. In my opinion it will be possible to take it twice a year but I am open to discussing it. Then, on the date that the ministry will establish, everyone enters the ribetter sult in the platform and the national ranking will be formed. The places will be assigned according to the availability of the universities and the preferences indicated by the candidates, as is already the case“.

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