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«Also update the Lea with assisted procreation»

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«Also update the Lea with assisted procreation»

Be one donna If you had the chance to be aware of your fertility in time, would you act accordingly? If you had the chance to know from the age of 20 whether you were fertile or not, would you make different decisions? If you discovered problems with your reproductive capacity early, would you try to resolve them in order to have children? The news is that they may be available soon free fertility test.


Because today in Rome we are back to talking about denatality: in Italy few children are had and the social security system no longer holds up. The topic is delicate and was discussed at the event “The birth rate: a couple’s question”, promoted by Farmindustria with the patronage of the Ministry for Family, Birthrate and Equal Opportunities. The Minister of Health Schillaci and the Minister for the Family Roccella spoke at the event. And the question of tests has emerged to understand, in time, whether it will be possible to have children. He announced it Maria Rosaria Campitiello, the head of the technical secretariat of the Ministry of Health.

Social freezing, more and more women are resorting to freezing their eggs: especially graduates and wealthy women are trying to delay motherhood

«I think we need to invest in the birth rate, but also in communication and information. Within the ministerial technical table on lifestyles and fertility we are thinking of offer free fertility screening to girls by age group, at 20, 25 and 30, for the dosage of the hormone that indicates reproductive capacity. For boys it is spermiogramma, the seminal fluid test, is already covered by the National Health Service, but it is necessary to inform young people. While the test for the dosage ofAmh», to measure the concentration in the blood of this hormone synthesized in the organs involved in the reproductive processes, «costs around 60 euros».

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«This afternoon the Technical table on lifestyles to promote fertility, which we wanted to establish and which took office last July, will meet again to discuss and agree on other initiatives on these issues. For years, the signals coming from Istat and Eurostat on the birth rate in Italy and Europe went unheeded. Now we must act quickly, with realistic and concrete solutions. We are focused on the lifestyles of the new generations who must be informed on the basis of scientific, incontrovertible and documented data.” The Minister of Health said it Orazio Schillacispeaking at the conference.

Schillaci: «And now let’s update the Lea with medically assisted procreation»

«Then of course there is the active commitment to prevention – he recalled – which also protects fertility and which goes through free vaccination campaigns – such as the one for the Papillomavirus – for oncological screenings, for insertion in the new essential levels of assistance for medically assisted procreation services, which must be provided throughout the national territory”. For Schillaci, «emerging from the demographic winter is truly a great challenge in which everyone’s contribution is needed: politics, institutions, doctors, research, pharmaceuticals, schools. But above all, there is a need for a lively and proactive debate.”

Parents, why have 46% in Italy left their jobs in 2023?

«Il Italian demographic problem is enormous and it cannot be resolved only with government interventions. The Meloni government has done its part and also with good results: we see the increase in female employment. In this year and a half we have intervened on leave, on nursery schools, on tax relief for women with two children, because we know that discrimination and resignations from work intensify with the second child. But all this will not be able to achieve the objective if there is no collaboration with companies, local authorities, unions and non-profits. In short, with anyone who can play a role in this area. Farmindustria is an excellent example of the collaboration that we ask for, in particular from the world of work, the productive world, but not only that, also from all the actors who can have a role in the birth rate issue”, commented the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the family, Eugenia Maria Roccella.

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Why you give up having children

«Couples give up having children and women increasingly abandon the dream of becoming mothers at a very young age. The causes can be multiple: an unfavorable economic condition, the fear of losing one’s job, the absence of a real awareness of one’s fertility, which for a woman is at its peak between the ages of 20 and 30», said Minister Schillaci. «I believe it is essential to offer young people the opportunity to reflect on the complexity and consequences of their daily choices, of the healthy or unhealthy behaviors they adopt. In schools and universities – concludes Schillaci – meetings will also be promoted, on the basis of scientific documents, to illustrate the relationship between lifestyles and fertility – he concluded – presentations and debates will also be organized in various Italian universities specialized in health professions”. he added.


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